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What you need to know to hit the ground running

Program Eligibility


  AND ​ ​         ​ ​ ​ ​
​ ​50 years and older (average risk) Patient at participating clinic
Income at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level
               ​OR ​​Need colorectal cancer screening
​Younger than 50 with personal or family history of CRC, adenomas or a genetic syndrome Can demonstrate lawful presence in CO 
Patient is eligible for screening according to USPST and USMSTF CRC guidelines for CRC screening

 Contact our patient navigation coordinator, Kirstin Le Grice,, if you have further questions.

Documentation Needed

English Consent Form Spanish Consent Form
HB1023 Affidavit English HB1023 Affidavit Spanish
PCP Referral Form Certificate of Verification


Bowel Preparation

        • ​​Contact screening providers to determine which bowel prep they prefer their patients to utilize

Education Materials
Patient Navigation Patient Education

Patient Navigation Provider Education

General Billing Procedure (this may be different for each clinic)

        • ​​Lori will provide invoices required for your clinic
        • Inform screening providers so CCSP patients will not receive bills
        • Monthly
              • ​​Confirm the list of patients that were screened
              • Circulate certificate of verification (COV) to screening providers
              • Submit COV with required invoices to Lori