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Overview, Goals, and Progress

Program Overview

The Colorado Colorectal Screening Program (CCSP) is a statewide program that partners with federally qualified health centers, hural health centers, and other safety net clinics to offer no-cost patient navigation services for colorectal screening to the medically underserved. Coordinated through the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the progam is based in over 50 community health clinics across Colorado, and partners with over 250 screening, pathology, and treatment providers. CCSP is accompanied by an awareness campaign to encourage all Coloradans to get colorectal screening exams.


The Colorado Colorectal Screening Program, which began in January of 2006, sought to screen over 11,400 Coloradans by the end 2010 in an effort to contribute substantially to the state’s overall goal of screening 75% of the total eligible population. As of January 2017, CCSP has well surpassed its original goals.

The Colorado Cancer Plan's goal for colorectal screening is to reach and screen 80% of eligible Coloradans by the end of 2018, consistent with natioal standards put forth by the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable. CCSP currently continues its no-cost patient navigation services as a step towards reaching this 80% mark.


Through January 2017, CCSP has helped navigate approximately 20,800 colorectal cancer screens.