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Healthcare Professionals

Below you will find information about the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program, our partnerships, manuals, and additional resources. For training information please seek the Patient Navigation page. 

Program Overview

CCSP began in January of 2006 through a grant from the Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Pulmonary Disease Competitive Grants Program (CCPD) administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Learn about the program's progress and success

Program Partners

CCSP partners with safety net community clinics across the state of Colorado.  Clinic partners are generally members of the Colorado Rural Health Center, ClinicNet, or the Colorado Community Health Network.

See the list of partnering clinics

Program Manual & Forms

Need to learn about the Program's policies and procedures? Check out the program manual where you can find information about program eligibility, medical eligibility, data entry and more. 

Download and read chapters from the program manual