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"I'm a single mom, working a couple part-time jobs, and have had no insurance for 5+ years. Thank you for this Program. It saved my life!"

  --- 55 year old Fort Collins woman who had routine screening. Five polyps were found, one of which was cancerous. She had surgery to remove a section of her colon and is now cancer-free.

"I was diagnosed as pre-cancer and had concerns about what would happen. Throughout this process, staff were extremely helpful. They provided guidance and appointments promptly. Susan arranged  for my consultation and surgery as well as provided me with emotional support."

"It has taken a weight off my shoulders, as members of my family have died of colorectal cancer. It has been at the back of my mind always but I have not been able to afford the screening."


"May have saved my life, because I had two polyps removed. Thank you for providing this service."

"I feel it was [lifesaving]! The doctor removed a large flat polyp that was pre-cancerous. Colon cancer runs in my family. My follow up screening was all clear! I feel a great sense of relief. "

"I am very grateful for this screening because my grandfather and aunt both died from colon cancer, and a first cousin had polyps. It is a relief to have a clean slate!"