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Lung Cancer Ponatinib Trial

C. Additional information

  • We plan to screen approximately 700 patients over the next 3‐5 years.
  • Patient with both small cell and non‐small cell lung cancer are potentially eligible.
  • As the study markers are considered largely mutually exclusive with some other established markers, we are not screening those patients with the adenocarcinoma subtype of non‐small cell lung cancer who are already known to have either an EGFR mutation or an ALK rearrangement in their tumors.
  • If you have adenocarcinoma and ALK and EGFR testing have not been done, we will write to you suggesting you ask your doctor to order these tests (we can also perform it at Colorado and bill them to your insurance).
  • If there is insufficient material for testing we will write to you suggesting you discuss the pros and cons of another biopsy with your doctor.
  • Some patients who are negative on the FGFR1 tests may also be offered RET testing, another subgroup that may respond to ponatinib, but this test will be billed to insurance or to you. Billable testing will be discussed with you in advance if it is considered.
  • After giving your consent, we will also capture information relating to the factors associated with the different marker results including how well you do with other treatments and how long you live.
  • After giving your consent, at a later date we may also test your tumor sample for other potential markers related to clinical outcomes in lung cancer.