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Patient Story

Cancer struggle leads back home

The grandmother sports chic short gray hair, her post-chemo look. She tells her doctor that she finally feels well enough to tend her vegetable garden this summer - a sure sign that her cancer is abating.




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Where We Practice

Our physicians provide consultative and ongoing care to patients at our partner sites across Colorado. In addition, these sites are involved in University of Colorado Cancer Center's clinical trials research program, bringing the latest in community based national clinical trials to patients in their region.

Partner Sites:

In patient cases where standard therapies have been exhausted or a higher level of care is needed, our outreach patient coordinator is dedicated to assisting with patient referrals to the University of Colorado Hospital, the Cancer Center's adult clinical care partner in Aurora, Colo.

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Contact Info:

Community Engagement Program

1665 N. Aurora Court, Room 5325
Aurora, CO  80045

Shelly Gregory
Community Engagement Coordinator

Phone | 720-848-0483