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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Meet Our Patients

Read stories from CU Cancer Center patients

Every patient has a story about the day they were diagnosed with cancer, the day they began treatment or enrolled in a clinical trial or the day they heard the words "cancer free." Read our patients inspiring stories of strength.


Tom Evans, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivor

At the end of 2012, Dr. Tom Evans was hauling wood for a new deck up the mountain behind his house in Genesee—a climb he’d done almost every day since 1997—when his body told him to stop. He was fatigued and short of breath. He was prepared for another cancer diagnosis.

Read about Tom's fourth cancer battle


Bri Pasko, Breast Cancer Survivor

At 24, Bri Pasko hadn’t thought much about children, besides assuming she’d have them one day. A breast cancer diagnosis would force her look at her fertility and decide what she’d do to preserve her options.

Read about Bri's oncofertility decision


Harry Peterson, Prostate Cancer Survivor

When Harry Peterson had his first prostate cancer scare, Bill Clinton was in his first term as president of the United States. More than 20 years have passed since President Clinton was elected, yet Harry, now 81, continues to fight prostate cancer—despite exhausting two doctors’ “bags of tricks.”

Read about Harry outliving the odds


Michael Ferro, Testicular Cancer Survivor

In June 2007, a month after he graduated from Regis University, Michael Ferro felt a lump on his testicle. He assumed it was a blemish that would go away within a few days. Two months passed, but the lump never went away.

Read about Michael's Epic Experience

Joel Groebner, University of Colorado Cancer Center 

Joel Groebner, Melanoma Survivor

Three time doctors have given Joel Groebner just six months to live. And three times, experimental treatments have stopped the cancer. Joel has survived melanoma for more than 10 years.

Read Joel's superman story

Mark Grogan, University of Colorado Cancer Center 

Mark Grogan, Head and Neck Cancer Survivor

On June 30, 2009, Mark had a tumor removed from his tongue. This was supposed to be routine nothingness to remove a lesion noticed four years earlier by his dentist. Then on July 2, 2009, Mark was diagnosed with oral cancer. A year later another troubling spot would appear.

Read Mark's tale of his tongue

Maria Fernadez, University of Colorado Cancer Center 

Maria Fernandez, Lymphoma Survivor

Maria Fernandez thought her neck was just getting thick from weight gain, but her husband, Herman, sensed otherwise and insisted she see her health care provider to be sure the lymph nodes weren't involved. "My husband didn't want to dilly-dally," Maria recalls.

Read Maria's Story

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