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University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) is home to CU Cancer Center member Dr. Thomas Cech, who formed the Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology (CIMB).  The CIMB brings together chemists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, molecular and cellular biologists, and medical researchers to stimulate discoveries leading to novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

Translational opportunities in the CIMB are concentrated in five general areas: cancer, cardiovascular disease, inherited diseases including Down Syndrome, virology/vaccine development, and regenerative medicine.

The CU Cancer Center also houses the Functional Genomics Shared Resource, which is lead by member Dr. Joaquin Espinosa. The Functional Genomics Shared Resource provides investigators with access to libraries of shRNAs that target every human and mouse gene along with advice and training on using these approaches.

CU Boulder's cancer researchers are CU Cancer Center members in the following research programs: Cancer Cell Biology, Developmental Therapeutics and Molecular Oncology.  The Structural Biology Shared Resource's 800 MhZ spectrometer is located on the CU Boulder campus.

Contact Information:

University of Colorado Boulder
Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology
Boulder, Colo.

Consortium Advisory Committee Representative

Natalie Ahn, PhD