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University of Colorado Cancer Center Staff List

​Name ​Title ​Email ​Phone
Richard D. Schulick, MD, MBA, FACS  Director ​ 303-724-3152
Taylor Abarca Social Media Web Specialist 303-724-8925
Connie Bair Grants Coordinator 303-724-3158
Morgan Bays Post Award Accountant 303-724-7382
Paige Diller Grants Coordinator 303-724-9544 
Kim Gall  HR Manager 303-724-3153
Suzanne Heasley Operations Manager 303-724-3152 
Kristen Herbst​ Pre-Award Manager 303-724-5526
Kelly McIlvride Post Award Accountant 303-724-4189​​
Erika Matich Communications Manager 303-724-0114 
Michaela Montour Assistant Director for Research Administration 303-724-3151 
Joseph O'Gorman Post Award Accountant 303-724-3113
Jill Penafiel Education Manager 303-724-3174 
Garth Sundem Science Writer 303-724-3536
Ken Tadikonda Assistant Director of Finance 303-724-5163 
​Ellen Valentine ​Cancer Prevention and Control Coordinator ​ ​​303-724-8421