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What We Do infographic Seed/Bridge Grants - We provide seed grants up to $25,000 to help researchers launch projects related to diabetes and heart disease in women. Donors - Every single community dollar raised helps our scientists leverage 10 in research dollars. Improved Health - More than an end goal, improved health is an aspiration for our global community-one fueled by compassion and imagination. Research Focus - Our funding helps scientists to prove the value of their work, enabling them to pursue national grants in women's health. Scientists - With talented senior scientists and mentorship for junior scientists, we work to create continued engagement. Research Awards - Through successful national grant applications, our researchers have transformed $200,000 in community funding into more than $17 million. Building Body of Knowledge - Through symposia, papers and presentations, our scientists build the collective knowledge around women's health research. Community Education and Outreach - Through compelling events, behavior change projects and collaborations, we help change lives for the better across our community. Research Focus - Our funding helps scientists to prove the value of their work, enabling them to pursue national grants in women's health.

What We Do

Advancing Women’s Health Research

At the Center for Women’s Health Research, we further the careers of scientists focused on women’s health research through seed grants and mentorship. And we deliver critical health information to women, families, doctors and community members. We’re proud to report that every private, philanthropic dollar we raise toward research on women’s health eventually yields $10+ in research grants.

We believe in mentoring and investing in scientists who specialize in women’s health research. In this way, we hope to get answers to critical questions about heart disease and diabetes in women. The seed grants we provide contribute to amazing, life-changing discoveries and help legitimize scientists and their research projects so they can acquire ongoing funding.

When great minds, targeted funds and adequate time come together, essential advances can be made in women’s health research.

The Center for Women’s Health Research is working to accelerate improvements in women's health by answering key research questions about cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as other diseases in women. We are a nationally and internationally renowned Center where vital research is spearheaded, conducted, shared, and further investigated—all in order to close the existing gap in knowledge and improve women's longevity and well-being.

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