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Call for Papers

The Center for Women’s Health Research occasionally recieves "Call for Papers."  Here is where they are posted.

Call for Papers: Sex Differences in Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Physiology, Disease, and Signaling Mechanisms

Guest Editors Dr. Milton Hamblin and Dr. Sandra Davidge invite you to submit original research to AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology​ focused on sex differences in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physiology, disease, and signaling mechanisms at the integrative, cellular, molecular and genetic levels.​

There is increased recognition that important sex differences exist in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physiology that affect the development of disease, clinical diagnosis, and treatment. Further, sex differences in the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physiology and disease have not been well delineated. We encourage manuscript submissions which identify sex differences in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physiology, as well as highlight novel signaling pathways that are differentiated by sex in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pathophysiology, tissue remodeling, and cardiovascular disease.

For this Call for Papers, the editors will consider both original research articles and review articles. For review articles only, authors should email the editorial office  a pre-submission inquiry including an abstract, author list, and brief outline for approval by the editors.

All manuscripts accepted from this Call for Papers will be included in a unique online article collection to further highlight the importance of this topic

*Submission Deadline June 30, 2018*