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Mentoring Researchers

Harnessing Talent. Mentoring Researchers. Inviting Discovery.

​At the Center for Women’s Health Research, we are dedicated to providing emerging scientists with the tools they need to become leaders, experts and innovators.

In our unique model, you’ll find senior scientists actively mentoring researchers at the beginning of their careers, fueling the spirit of discovery and sharpening the focus of science. Unlike many other programs, we underwrite coaching and employ the BIRCWH grant model of "team mentoring," which enables mentees to benefit from the insight and support of multiple mentors across various disciplines.

We are invested in training the next generation of researchers and physician-scientists in our area of study. By mentoring researchers with a developing focus on women’s health, we effectively expand the number and quality of scientists committed to closing key gaps in knowledge and bringing health and quality of life to more women.

To learn more about specific research projects, visit the researchers section of this site.