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Doris Duke Charitable Foundation:

Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists

2018 Grant Information

Application Deadline: April 25, 2018

The purpose of the Doris Duke Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists is to provide supplemental, flexible research funds to successful early-career physician-scientists working on clinical research projects who are facing extraprofessional demands of caregiving. The goal of this program is to retain early-career physician scientists in research.  

All applicants remain anonymous and additional FAQs can be found in the application​.
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Information About the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation launched the Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists (FRCS) to build upon a growing momentum in the medical research field toward supporting young physician scientists through phases of intense, extraprofessional career obstacles. This funding in conjunction with support from the School of Medicine, will work to retain junior faculty physician scientists who face a window of vulnerability that threatens existing progress. Dr. Judy Regensteiner, Director of the Center for Women's Health Research is PI/PD of this grant and Anne Libby, PhD is Co-PI/PD of this grant​.​

Additional Information

  • All applicants remain anonymous
  • This is a grant and mentoring program for male and female MD or DO funded junior faculty facing hardship resulting from extraprofessional caregiving needs  
  • Up to five Scholars annually for 1 year awards of $33,333.33
  • One year of funding is guaranteed, a 2nd can be requested, subject to committee review
  • Money can be used to pay for research costs including PRA salary (not PI salary) or other research and training costs