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Center for Women’s Health Research

Center for Womens Health Research

Research Grants

The Art of Growing Grants

We believe knowledge is the first, best way to make a difference when it comes to heart disease and diabetes in women. Through grants, collaboration, and deliberate mentoring, we support scientists whose work promises to contribute to our collective knowledge regarding women’s health.

Our seed grants are awarded in order to help scientists test, refine, and expand research projects. In our model, smaller grants help create work that attracts major federal and other research grant funding.

Every private, philanthropic dollar we raise eventually yields more than $10 in research grants. Over the years, our seed grants have been leveraged to put over $15 million dollars in external funding into action. With the support of prestigious institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health, not to mention individual donors like you, we will continue to provide answers to women, their doctors, and their families.

Help us help women. Donate now.

Grant opportunity available - application due August 14th, 2015.