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Additional Resources

Additional Resources for Healthy Living

As we learn to understand cardiovascular disease and diabetes in women—and close the gap in knowledge regarding women’s health—we will make it possible for women to take more control of their own health.

Today, we know that making conscientious dietary choices and getting adequate exercise are two essential steps toward healthy living that any woman can take. What will we learn tomorrow? At the Center for Women’s Health Research, we strongly believe there are new, potentially life-changing discoveries right around the corner, both for those who wish to prevent disease and those who need to reverse its effects.

We have many projects underway that will give us new insights into how to treat and prevent heart disease and diabetes in women. We will pass our discoveries along to women, communities and medical practitioners, so that all can experience the benefits of healthy living.

Learn more about preventing, managing and treating heart disease and diabetes from these respected organizations:

Cardiovascular Disease Resources


Other Resources