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Center for Women's Health Research​ (CWHR)

Quarterly Newsletter

The CWNR publishes quarterly newsletters that can help you stay current on the happenings of CWHR, read about CWHR events and news, learn about grant information, read exciting research announcements​, meet our researchers and donors and much more. 

CWHR Newsletter Winter 2018
  - C. Neill Epperson, MD, Keynote Address at Annual Community Luncheon
  - Let’s Talk: Implicit Bias Matters & Your Head, Your Heart, & Your Hormones
  - Fund To Retain Clinical Scientists Update 
  - World Diabetes Day 
  - Meet Our Researchers: Josie Broussard, PhD
  - Meet Our Donors: Lyda Ludeman

CWHR Newsletter Summer 2017​
  - Welcome New Deputy Director Jennifer Broderick Engleby
  - BIRCWH Grant Renewed
  - CWHR Hosts Summer Events
  - Girls' Career Day 2017
  - Meet Our Researchers: Liz Wellberg, PhD and Mike Rudolph, PhD
  - Meet Our Donors: Ginger Graham

CWHR Newsletter Spring 2017
  - Annual Community Luncheon Details
  - 15th Annual Women’s Health Symposium Wrap Up
  - Let’s Talk: Digestive Health &  Personalized Medicine
  - Meet the New Scientific Council Members C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD
       and Jill M. Goldstein, PhD
  - Meet Our Reasearcher: Amy Huebschmann, MD
  - Meet Our Donor: Marge Bunkers

CWHR Newsletter Summer 2016
  - 14th Annual Women’s Health Symposium
  - What is Let's Talk
  - A Lay Person Visits a Research Lab 
  - A Peek Inside Laboratory Walls
  - Donor Spotlight: Betsy Mangone
  - Researcher Spotlight: Melanie Cree Green, MD, PhD
  - 2016 Annual Community Luncheon Announcement Featuring Dr. Larry Cahill

CWHR Newsletter Fall 2015
 - 2015 Seed Grant Recipients
 - 2015 Community Luncheon featuring JoAnn Manson, MD
 - Let's Talk: Palliative Care and Advance Directives
 - Breaking the Cycle of Obesity: Kristen Boyle, PhD
 - Researcher Spotlight: Kerry Hildreth, MD
 - Donor Spotlight: Nancy Tankersley​
CWHR Newsletter Spring 2015
 - 2015 Women’s Health Symposium Details
 - 2015 Community Luncheon speak Topic: Controversies in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
 - Questions for Sarah Perman, MD
 - Debunking Exercise Myths: Tips that can prevent premature aging 
 - Donor Spotlight: Catherine Petros

CWHR Newsletter Fall 2014
 - 2014 Luncheon Wrap Up 
 - Women’s Health Research Day Wrap Up and Poster Session Winners
 - 2014 Junior Faculty Development Award Recipients!
 - Researcher Spotlight: Kristen Demoruelle, MD
 - CWHR Extends its Gratitude to JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD 


CWHR Newsletter Spring 2014
 - CWHR Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary 
 - Let's Talk: Growing Strong Women Mother-Daughter Event
 - Adopt-a-Researcher Program
 - Interview with CWHR Researcher Dr. Amy Huebschmann: Complications from Diabetes
 - Donor Spotlight: Mary Sissel​

CWHR Newsletter Winter 2013
 - 2013 Annual Community Luncheon Wrap Up 
 - 2013 Junior Faculty Development Awards
 - 1 in 10 Adults May Have Diabetes by 2030
 - Researcher Profile: David Kao, MD
 - Donor Spotlight: Helen Jean Mitchell