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Center for Women's Health Research​ (CWHR)


Stay current about CWHR events and news, gain useful health knowledge for you and your family, and much more in the CWHR Newsletter. ​


​CWHR Newslet​ter Summer 2019​​​​​

- Upcoming events and important announcements
- Let's Talk: Triggers and Treatments
-5th Annual Girls' Career Day
-Women's Health News
-Aspirin for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Is it Right for Me?
​-Researcher Spotlight: Viral Shah, MD
-Donor Spotlight: Nan Eklund
-Accolades of our CWHR Faculty Researchers
-Donor Roll

​CWHR Newslet​ter Spring 2019​​​​​
  - Upcoming events and important announcements
  - 2019 Annual Community Luncheon
  - New study on Why Women Receive Less Bystander CPR Than Men
  - Moving the Scientific Workforce to Consider Sex and Gender Differences
  - Annual Women's Health Symposium
  - Let's Talk: Getting to the Heart of It
  - Donor Spotlight: Katie MacWilliams
  - Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Prateeti Khazanie
  - Faculty Spotlight: An Economist turned Mental Health Researcher becomes a            Leader in Career Development
Winter2018.JPG​CWHR Newslet​ter Winter 2019​​​​​
  - 2018 Faculty Development Award Recipients
  - Researcher Spotlight: Ramon Lórca, PhD
  - 10th Annual Women's Research Day
  - Let's Talk: Mind, Body and Spirit
  - Annual Community Luncheon
  - National Conference on Women's Health and Sex Differences Research 2018
  - Faculty Spotlight: Q&A with Jane Reusch, MD
  - Meet the New Advisory Board Member
  -Donor Spotlight: Cathy Hollis
​CWHR Newslet​ter Summer 2018​​​
  - Message from Dr. Judy Regensteiner, CWHR Director
  - Girls' Career Day Recap
  - Let’s Talk Recap: Bringing down the Boogeyman: Expert Views on Preventing, Finding, and Treating Cancer
  - U.S. Congressional Representatives Visit the CWHR
  - Meet Our Researchers: Rebecca Scalzo, PhD
  - Meet the New Advisory Board Members
  - Corporate and Donor Spotlight: Arrow and Maureen & Alan Bird

CWHR Newsletter Winter 2018
  - C. Neill Epperson, MD, Keynote Address at Annual Community Luncheon
  - Let’s Talk: Implicit Bias Matters & Your Head, Your Heart, & Your Hormones
  - Fund To Retain Clinical Scientists Update 
  - World Diabetes Day 
  - Meet Our Researchers: Josie Broussard, PhD
  - Meet Our Donors: Lyda Ludeman

CWHR Newsletter Summer 2017​
  - Welcome New Deputy Director Jennifer Broderick Engleby
  - BIRCWH Grant Renewed
  - CWHR Hosts Summer Events
  - Girls' Career Day 2017
  - Meet Our Researchers: Liz Wellberg, PhD and Mike Rudolph, PhD
  - Meet Our Donors: Ginger Graham

CWHR Newsletter Spring 2017
  - Annual Community Luncheon Details
  - 15th Annual Women’s Health Symposium Wrap Up
  - Let’s Talk: Digestive Health &  Personalized Medicine
  - Meet the New Scientific Council Members C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD
       and Jill M. Goldstein, PhD
  - Meet Our Reasearcher: Amy Huebschmann, MD
  - Meet Our Donor: Marge Bunkers

CWHR Newsletter Summer 2016
  - 14th Annual Women’s Health Symposium
  - What is Let's Talk
  - A Lay Person Visits a Research Lab 
  - A Peek Inside Laboratory Walls
  - Donor Spotlight: Betsy Mangone
  - Researcher Spotlight: Melanie Cree Green, MD, PhD
  - 2016 Annual Community Luncheon Announcement Featuring Dr. Larry Cahill

CWHR Newsletter Fall 2015
 - 2015 Seed Grant Recipients
 - 2015 Community Luncheon featuring JoAnn Manson, MD
 - Let's Talk: Palliative Care and Advance Directives
 - Breaking the Cycle of Obesity: Kristen Boyle, PhD
 - Researcher Spotlight: Kerry Hildreth, MD
 - Donor Spotlight: Nancy Tankersley​
CWHR Newsletter Spring 2015
 - 2015 Women’s Health Symposium Details
 - 2015 Community Luncheon speak Topic: Controversies in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
 - Questions for Sarah Perman, MD
 - Debunking Exercise Myths: Tips that can prevent premature aging 
 - Donor Spotlight: Catherine Petros

CWHR Newsletter Fall 2014
 - 2014 Luncheon Wrap Up 
 - Women’s Health Research Day Wrap Up and Poster Session Winners
 - 2014 Junior Faculty Development Award Recipients!
 - Researcher Spotlight: Kristen Demoruelle, MD
 - CWHR Extends its Gratitude to JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD 


CWHR Newsletter Spring 2014
 - CWHR Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary 
 - Let's Talk: Growing Strong Women Mother-Daughter Event
 - Adopt-a-Researcher Program
 - Interview with CWHR Researcher Dr. Amy Huebschmann: Complications from Diabetes
 - Donor Spotlight: Mary Sissel​

CWHR Newsletter Winter 2013
 - 2013 Annual Community Luncheon Wrap Up 
 - 2013 Junior Faculty Development Awards
 - 1 in 10 Adults May Have Diabetes by 2030
 - Researcher Profile: David Kao, MD
 - Donor Spotlight: Helen Jean Mitchell