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Teri Hernandez, RN, PhD

Assessment of Diet Therapy to Improve Glycemic Health in Woman With Gestational Diabetes

All women develop insulin resistance during their pregnancy – but some develop gestational diabetes which is diabetes during pregnancy, placing them at very high risk for diabetes and CVD when they are older. This becomes a vicious cycle because the risk for diabetes is passed on to the unborn children. We’re trying to understand why this happens.  We believe that we can prevent diabetes and CVD not only in the mom, but in the offspring.

My goal is to deepen understanding of the link between mother and infant as it pertains to infant adiposity, as a gestational origin of obesity. In doing so, the overarching objective in my research is to advance clinical care in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in women and their families.

I want to know whether diet therapy in gestational diabetes can improve glycemic health in woman, and improve body composition in the newborn infant​.