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Corey Rynders, PhD

Sex-Specific Differences in the Effects of Prior Exercise on Sleeping Fat Metabolism

The release and utilization of fat displays remarkable rhythmicity across the 24 hour day with peak levels occurring during the sleeping period. The timing and amplitude of these metabolic rhythms is influenced by a number of factors including the solar light-dark cycle, sleep-wake cycle, energy status, and daily exercise patterns. Our group has preliminary data showing that aerobic exercise performed during the daytime enhances sleeping patterns of fat utilization in men but not women. We believe the ability to increase fat utilization during sleep is important for the regulation of body weight over time and it is not known why exercise impacts sleeping fat metabolism differently in women compared to men.

Dr. Rynders CWHR project will examine sex-differences in the effects of aerobic exercise on fat utilization during sleep. The significance of this study is that it will lay the groundwork for investigating factors that upregulate or downregulate the ability to release fat from storage depots during sleep in women compared to men. The study will also provide insight into why weight loss through exercise differs between women and men.​