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Lorna Moore, PhD

Senior Reseacher

Professor Moore has over 200 publications centering on the effects of hypoxia on maternal and fetal health with more than 30 yrs of NIH, NSF or other federal agency funding.  She has been a pioneer in studies using high altitude as a model for investigating the mechanisms by which hypoxia interferes with fetal growth, with hers being the first to focus on the effects of hypoxia on maternal physiologic responses to pregnancy.  Working with several medical school and arts & sciences faculty at the University of Colorado Denver, she pioneered a novel study design for identifying the role of genetic factors by comparing the physiologic responses of multigenerational (Andean, Tibetan) vs. shorter resident high-altitude populations (Europeans, Han Chinese).  These studies showed that Andeans and Tibetans were protected from hypoxia-associated fetal growth restriction relative to European or Han ("Chinese") groups and that such protection was due primarily to genetic factors.  This work has given rise to her current studies that are aimed at determining how such genetic influences affect maternal vascular responses to pregnancy and fetal growth.

Recent Updates and Accomplishments:

Dr. Moore was recently awarded a major NIH RO1 research grant. She is active in national organizations such as the Society for Reproductive Investigation and the American Physiological Society via presenting at their national/international meetings, reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication, serving as an invited speaker at the upcoming Experimental Biology meetings.​