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CSI in the News

Up Close and Personal with Aortic Aneurysms

On a recent Friday morning, some 20 young scrub-clad surgeons and engineers milled about a large room in the Bioscience Park Center near the Anschutz Medical Campus. After a couple of minutes, they divided into groups and clustered around tables to listen to instructors discuss the fine points of repairing aortic aneurysms.

These were not dry medical lectures, however. At three of the tables, the instructors spoke as they thrust their hands into the open chest cavities of cadavers, exposing organs as the learners looked on intently... Read more.

State Reps Get Behind-the-Scenes Health Care Peek

The man with the blood-stained face stood on a patch of asphalt, holding an infant and shouting into his cell phone. "They say there’s an ambulance coming," he yelled. Read more.

Center Keeps Surgery Students on the Cutting Edge​

To television viewers, “CSI” means investigators​ meticulously parsing crime scene evidence to identify the culprit. But at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Medicine, CSI – the Center for Surgical Innovation – is the latest episode in providing a range of students, from technicians to mid-career surgeons, the most up-to-date surgical education and training. Read more.