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Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

Mouse Embryo Rederivation

Reasons for mouse rederivation:

  • Recovering fresh or cryopreserved embryos to re-establish an animal colony.
  • Rapid (speed) expansion of colonies.
  • Removing pathogens and re-establishment of pathogen-free colonies
    (NOTE – If you need to bring animals from an unapproved source (e.g. other universities), you must contact Dr. Pat Skavlen to gain approval BEFORE shipment of your animals can be arranged.)

The last item generally utilizes collection and re-implanting freshly harvested embryos. For these procedures, please review our document on maximizing embryo production.

Please complete the application for rederivation and submit to the TGTC via

All communications must be routed through the mailbox. Briefly state your questions or concerns. Your email will be routed to appropriate Core personnel.