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Core-Derived iPS Cell Lines

Dear Colleagues,

The iPS Core at the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine (UC Denver) is pleased to announce the availability of human and mouse induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines generated by our facility. These iPSC lines were generated using a non-DNA integrating vector system. The Core has performed several characterizations and quality control tests to ensure pluripotency of these cells. Further, these cells have normal karyotypes and are free of mycoplasma contamination. The use of iPSC lines developed by the Core is restricted to research purposes in a non-profit setting.

Please note that our Core can also generate custom-designed iPSC lines from various cell types and species. Upon request, we will also genetically modify iPS cells (correction or introduction of mutations into the iPS genome, insertion of reporter gene constructs into the iPS genome). Please contact the iPSC Core at for details.

Sincerely Yours,
Peter J Koch, Ph.D.
Professor of Dermatology, Cell & Developmental Biology
UC Denver



Email: (all communications must be send to this e-mail address)


iPSC Lines Available for Purchase
Cell culture protocols for maintaining these cells and a comprehensive material data sheet will be provided by the Core.

Source cells Cell line name Price/vial

​Human Foreskin fibroblast
Data Sheet

​hiPSC.01.07 ​$650

​Mouse C57Bl/6 primary fibroblast
Data Sheet

​miPSC.002.07 ​$650

Prices are periodically updated. Please contact us for details.