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Courses directed by members of the Charles C. Gates Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology

The iPSC Core at the Charles C Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology ( ) is offering an iPS cell (iPSC) culture course March 10-17, 2014.  This one week course will focus on techniques required to maintain, preserve and amplify iPSC. Topics include: passage of mouse and human iPS cells; techniques to maintain iPSC in a pluripotent state; cryo-preservation and thawing of iPSC and transitioning of iPSC from feeders to feeder-free cell culture systems.  Proficient tissue cell culture skills are required for this hands-on class.
This 1 credit course is aimed at advanced graduate students and directed by Drs. Maranke I Koster and Peter J Koch. The goal of this course is to provide students with an overview of the biology of different types of stem cells. The course will also provide an overview of the applications of stem cell technology, both in basic research as well as in the clinic. Finally, the course will contain several demos aimed at illustrating the use of stem cells in the laboratory.