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Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and SDRC Seminar Series

Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and SDRC Seminar Series 2015 - 2016

Seminars generally take place from 3-4 p.m. in either RC1 North 6th Floor, Room P18-6107, or RC-1 North 8th Floor, Room P18-8108.

(Note: Dates marked with an asterisk-* will take place in the 6th Floor Conference Room)

Please contact Julie Clarke at for further information.







​Melissa Harris, PhD  

​    NIH

​"Uncovering Gene Regulatory Networks for Somatic Stem Cell Maintenance"​

 Yiqun Shellman


​Amanda MacLeod, PhD 

​    Duke University

"​Immunological Determinants of Genomic Integrity

  in the Skin" 

 ​Dennis Roop


Vijay Setaluri, PhD

​    University of Wisconsin

"​BRAF-NOTCH Crosstalk in Melanoma Trans-Differentiation"

 ​Neil Box


Traci Lyons, PhD 

    ​University of Colorado

"Mechanistic Insights into Breast Tumor Metastasis Through  Studies of Normal Development and Pre-clinical Modeling"

 ​Peter Koch


​Anne-Laure Perraud, PhD

    National Jewish Health

​"TRPM Ion Channels in Skin: Inflammation and Beyond"

 Tamara Terzian

​12/15/15 ​TBD ​    TBD  ​TBD  ​Dennis Roop      


​Valerie Horsley, PhD

​    Yale University

 ​"Adipocytes in Epithelial Tissues"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Dan Kaplan, MD, PhD

​    University of Pittsburgh

 ​"Non-Hematopoietic Cells Coordinate Skin Immunity"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Lori Walker, PhD 

 ​   University of Colorado

 "Dedifferentiation of Adult Cardiomyocytes"

 ​​Dennis Roop


Robert Sclafani, PhD 

    ​University of Colorado

 ​"Exploitation of DNA Replication Stress and Repair  Mechanisms for Cancer Chemoprevention" 

 Dennis Roop


William Lowry, PhD

​    University of California, LA

 "Mechanisms of Maturation in Human Neural Development"

 Xiao-jing Wang


​Sunny Wong, PhD

 ​   University of Michigan

 "Sensory Nerve Regulation of Skin Cancer"

​​ Linda Barlow


​Patrick Blader, PhD

​    Oxford University

 "Coordinating Zebrafish Olfactory Placode Development"

 ​​Kristin Artinger


​Rocky Tuan, MD, PhD

    University of Pittsburgh

 "Skeletal Tissue Engineering and Modeling Using Adult Stem Cells and Biometic Materials: Repair, Restore, and Re-create"

 ​​David Clouthier


​Johnny Huard, MD, PhD

    University of Pittsburgh

 "The Role of Stem Cell Exhaustion/Depletion in Aging & Disease: Implication for Stem Cell Therapy"

​​ Tom Payne


Stuart Yuspa, MD 


 "How do Mutant Ras and Other Oncogenes Alter Keratinocyte Biochemistry to Produce a Squamous Tumor?" 

​​ Enrique Torchia


Wei Tan, PhD

​    University of Colorado


​​ Peter Koch