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Gates Stem Cell Center and SDRC Seminar Series

Gates Stem Cell Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology and SDRC Seminar Series 2014

Seminars generally take place from 3-4 p.m. in either RC1 North 6th Floor, Room P18-6107, or RC-1 North 8th Floor, Room P18-8108.

(Note: Dates marked with an asterisk-* will take place in the 6th Floor Conference Room)

Please contact Julie Clarke at for further information.







Michael Edwards, PhD 

​University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

​"Bioinformatics of Wnt7a signaling, desmosomes and lung cancer"​

Peter Koch


Juoni Uitto, MD, PhD

​Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

"​Molecular Genetics of Heritable Disorders of ectopic mineralization: the paradigms of PXE and GACI" 

Watch the seminar recording here

​Dennis Roop


Zalfa Abdel-Malek, PhD

​University of Cincinnati

"​The MC1R beyond the “pigment” of your imagination"

Watch the seminar recording here

​Peter Koch


International Symposium on the Advancement of Basic and Clinical Skin Research

​Six International Institutions

​Multiple - See International Symposium flyer in Speaker Link to the left

​Dennis Roop


​Dario Lemos, PhD

​​University of British Columbia

​"Serial interactions between inflammatory cells and multipotent stromal cells modulate fibrosis during regeneration”

​Dennis Roop


Kathy Green, PhD

​Northwestern University

​“Desmosomes: At the Crossroads of Adhesion and Signaling in Differentiation and Disease”

​Maranke Koster


John Stanley, MD

​University of Pennsylvania

​"Why does pemphigus recur after therapy?"

​​Peter Koch


Thomas Krieg

​University of Cologne, Germany

"Fibroblasts - Forces and Fibrosis"

​​Dennis Roop


​Prof. Thomas Magin

​TRM Leipzig & Biologie, Universität Leipzig

​"Barrier defense and immune regulation - novel insights into keratin functions"

​​Peter Koch


Joseph Brzezinski IV, PhD

​University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

"Cell fate choice in the retina: the role of Blimp1"

​​Dennis Roop


David Norris, MD

​University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

"New Treatments for Autoimmune Skin Diseases are revolutionizing Dermatology Practice"

​​Dennis Roop


Melissa Wong, PhD

​Oregon Health Sciences University

"Functional role of a stem cell niche marker in normal and cancer microenvironments"

​​Xiao-Jing Wang


Susan M. Majka, PhD

​Vanderbilt University

"Lung Mesenchymal Stem cells Contribute to Pulmonary Tissue Homeostasis and Remodeling during Adult Disease"

​​Dennis Roop


​Steven Dow, PhD

​Colorado State University

​Large Animal Spontaneous Disease Models for Stem Cell Therapy: Opportunities and Challenges

​​Peter Koch


​Chen-Ming Chuong, MD, PhD

​University of Southern California

​“Multiplicity allows variability:
Patterning behavior in the development and regeneration of skin ectodermal organs.”

​​Dennis Roop


​Peter Dempsey, PhD

​University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

​“ADAM10 is essential for the maintenance of intestinal
stem cells”

​​Dennis Roop


​Thomas Andl

​Vanderbilt University

​"How to maintain and activate a squamous epithelium: Ideas about reserve cells and microRNAs"

​​Maranke Koster


​Santos Franco, PhD

​Children's Hospital Colorado

​"Specifying Neural Stem Cell Fate in the Developing Brain "

​​Dennis Roop

​11/18/14 ​Jessica Quimby ​Colorado State University ​TBA ​Peter Koch


​Emily Bates

​University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


​​Maranke Koster

​1/6/15 ​Stijn De Langhe, PhD ​National Jewish Hospital ​TBA ​TBA