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Gates Center and SDRC Seminar Series


Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology and SDRC Seminar Series 2011

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
01/05/11 Heide Ford UC Denver Six1 and Cancer Stem Cells
01/19/11 CX    
02/02/11 CX    
02/16/11 Stephen Davies  UC Denver Controlling stem cell fate to optimize spinal cord repair
02/18/11*  Ian Mackenzie London Sch. of Medicine Stem cells and head and neck cancers
03/02/11 Darrell Kotton Boston University ES and iPS cell modeling of lung development and disease
03/11/11*  Pritinder Kaur Peter MacCallum Cancer Center
Melbourne, Australia
Keratinocyte stem cells and progenitors of the human skin are organized in a hierarchical fashion with respect to tissue regenerative ability
03/16/11 Steve Dow CSU Mesenchymal Stem Cell Suppression of Airway Inflammation
04/06/11 Jiang Chen UC Denver Epidermal keratinocyte stem cell therapy for inheritable skin disorders caused by keratin mutations
04/20/11 David Wagner UC Denver A Unique T cell sub-type, Th40 cells, in autoimmunity
05/04/11 cancelled due to SID
05/18/11 Yosef Refaeli UC Denver To be announced
06/01/11 Shannon McKinney-Freeman St. Judes To be announced
06/15/11 Neil Box UC Denver To be announced
06/29/11 Sheng Ding UCSF A Chemical Approach to Controlling Cell Fate
07/22/11 G. Paolo Dotto Univ. of Lausanne Notch and calcineurin signaling in the integrated control of skin homeostasis and carcinogenesis

*Special Presentation Time and Date