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Services Price List

Primary Cell Lines Isolation/Reprogramming

The core uses a patent pending RNA-based reprogramming technology to reprogram somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

​Service ​Description ​Price
​Fibroblast Isolation ​Includes isolation and expansion of fibroblasts from skin biopsy and mycoplasma testing  ​$411.84
​Fibroblast Reprogramming ​2-5 iPSC clones at early passages provided, 2 vials per clone.​ ​$2,808.70
​REC Isolation ​Includes isolation and expansion of RECs from urine sample and mycoplasma testing ​$978.76
​REC Reprogramming ​2-5 iPSC clones at early passages provided, 2 vials per clone. ​$2,932.90​

iPSC Characterization Services and Quality Control

The core provides services to analyze newly reprogrammed (or client provided) iPSC lines to provide a complete characterization profile and demonstrate pluripotency.

​Service​ ​Description ​Price/ iPSC Line
​iPSC expansion/cleaning ​iPSC monoclonal line will be expanded up to passage 8+ and meticulously cleaned of differentiation; this service is a prerequisite for biobanking  ​$624.33
​Mycoplasma Testing

​All samples are tested for mycoplasma contamination.  ​$240.82
​Mycoplasma elimination ​Samples positive for mycoplasma will be treated accordingly upon request ​$681.68
​Recovery and Expansion ​Thawing and expansion of iPSCs for an additional passage ​$182.47
​Identity confirmation ​If requested, the STR analysis will be performed for primary cell line and derived iPSC lines ​$160.36
​Pluripotency Staining ​Staining for SSEA4, TRA-1-60, NANOG, OCT 3/4, TRA 1-81 ​$631.32
​G-Band Karyotyping ​Chromosome analysis, optimized for human iPSCs ​$774.28

Gene Editing
​​Service ​Description ​Price
​Experimental Design, Vector Assembly, Validation ​Design and test 3 gRNAs  $4,060.18
​Transfection, INDEL confirmation ​Yields a mixed population of cells with varying genotypes ​$656.10​
​Clonal expanding, genome editing confirmation ​Single-cell expansion, genotype characterization to identify clone of interest (T7E1, ddPCR, PCR), confirmation by Sanger sequencing.  ​$9,218.96
​iPSC clone characterization, expansion, biobanking ​Expand targeted iPSCs, final Sanger sequencing confirmation, mycoplasma testing, freezing (2-4 vials provided) ​$742.21

Modified mRNA
​Service ​Description ​Price
​Modified mRNA ​In stock modified mRNAs (per µg); bulk discounts up to 30% ​$9.98
​Custom modified mRNA​ ​Cloning cDNA template and mRNA synthesis ​Inquire


The core is equipped with a top of the line setup for cell cryopreservation and storage. Our Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezers are safe, provide no cross-contamination and are the best in the industry for temperature uniformity.

​Service ​Description ​Price
​Biobanking ​Maintain and cryopreserve primary cell lines and reprogrammed iPSCs (20 vials) ​$310.52
​Cost of a vial of iPSCs ​Wild-type iPSCs (fibroblasts reprogrammed with RNA) ​$221.26
​Vial Storage​ ​One vial/month ​$0.03

Click here ​for PDF of our full price list​