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Resources for Kids

Resources for Kids & Teens

Information for Children and Teenagers with Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Having a bleeding or clotting disorder as a kid or a teen can bring specific challenges. Sometimes it is helpful to have resources to just make things a little easier. We've found a few places on the internet that can help kids and their families adapt to these conditions.

Individualized Health Plan for Kids

It can be helpful to have an individualized health plan that is provided to your school and other caretakers to keep them informed about treatment plans for kids with bleeding or clotting disorders and how they should manage them. We have a slightly older template available here and will be updating it soon.


KidsHealth is a website that directly addresses conditions that children may be experiencing at many different ages and offers information in a clear and easy to understand way. There are unique pages aimed at parents, kids and teens and teachers. They also have games, quizzes, recipes and more that may be fun and helpful for kids dealing with chronic conditions.

Medical IDs

Many families may feel it helpful to purchase medical ids, bracelets or necklaces that provide important information to emergency health professionals in the event of an emergency. Two options parents and families may be interested in investigating are through MedicAlert Foundation and American Medical ID.


As teens move toward adulthood, they face many choices for education and training for a future career. Education can be pricey. Add the costs of dealing with a chronic bleeding disorder and students may not know where to start. There are several scholarships available that those with a bleeding disorder, or their family members may qualify for. The links included here each have their own requirements and deadlines. Please read each carefully when considering application for scholarships.

Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center Scholarship

$1500      For persons with bleeding disorders
Deadline April 1, 2015

NHF Doreen McMullan McCarthy Memorial Academic Scholarship

$2500      For women with bleeding disorders 
Deadline April 1, 2015

Baxter Education Advantage Scholarship

$7000      For persons with hemophilia A or B 
Deadline April 15, 2015

Biogen Idec Hemophilia Scholarship 

$2500-$7000      For persons with hemophilia A or B 
Deadline April 15, 2015

HFA Educational Scholarship

$2000      For persons with bleeding disorders
Deadline April 30, 2015

HFA Medical/Health Services Educational Scholarship 

$4000      For persons with a bleeding disorder, or persons related to someone with a bleeding disorder, and pursuing a degree in the medical/healthcare services field. 
Deadline April 30, 2015

HFA Parent/Sibling/Child Educational Scholarship

$2000      For parents/siblings/children of a person with a bleeding disorder
Deadline April 30, 2015

Novo Nordisk Professor Ulla Hedner Scholarship

$2000-$7000      For persons with bleeding disorders
Deadline April 30, 2015

NHF Colorado Chapter Academic Scholarship

$2500      For persons with a bleeding disorder or family members, living in Colorado.  

Deadline May 1, 2015

HF Healthcare Nate Slack Scholarship

$1000      For persons with hemophilia or related bleeding disorder, or persons in the immediate family of a person with hemophilia or related bleeding disorder. 
Deadline May 15, 2015

Pfizer Soozie Courter Hemophilia Scholarship

$2500 & $4000      For persons hemophilia A or B
Deadline May 20, 2015

Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship
$1000 For persons with bleeding disorders
Deadline Passed