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The Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center Pharmacy was established in 1995 to provide the lowest cost factor and supplies to patients with bleeding disorders. The pharmacy supports our HTC clinic and other patient programs promoting the health of members of our community such as summer camp and education days.

Pharmacy Services 

  • Integrated, seamless and customized coordination of care with the HTC clinic and research staff. 
  • Lowest cost provider through participation in the federal 340B PHS pharmacy acquisition program. 
  • Compassionate collections policy based on an understanding of the lifetime financial strain of costly disorder management. 
  • Cost-based factor pricing to patients and insurers with full price disclosure and utilization reports.
  • Insurance and reimbursement management and advocacy The pharmacy is contracted with a number of insurance plans, and is able to individually negotiate services for select other plans. Contact us regarding your specific insurance plan.
  • Patient choice of products 
  • Comprehensive home factor distribution services Receive factor, supplies and other items direct to your home.
  • Matching of vial assays to prescribed doses to minimize cost and maximize treatment plans. 
  • Coordination of factor needs, treatment plan and education of staff for patient admitted to other institutions; serves as local source of emergency factor needs for regional hospitals. 
  • Re-investment of all modest profit back into HTC to self-sustain our direct patient services and programs.
  • Patient Assistance Program The HTC accesses all manufacturer, local, state, or national programs and provides factor for uninsured patients during lapses in insurance. Patient Assistance Programs are available to all patients of the HTC regardless of their choice of pharmacy provider. 
  • Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Social Work services are provided through our clinic which is managed by Children's Hospital Colorado.
  • Emergency Delivery All products are stocked locally and are routinely delivered by either local couriers or overnight delivery services. During extreme emergencies, alternative methods may be utilized.
  • Product Recall Procedures In the event of a recall the HTC pharmacy participates in the Product Notification System and notifies all patients if they are affected.