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Parents Empowering Parents

Peer-to-Peer Skills Training for Parents of Children with Bleeding Disorders

Parents Empowering Parents LogoParents Empowering Parents (PEP) is a non-profit program begun in 1995 to aid parents in the unique challenges that come with parenting a child with a bleeding disorder. This peer-to-peer skills program works with both professionals and experienced parents to train fellow parents and bolster their skills to be effective in raising a child with a chronic bleeding disorder. PEP is taught annually through our HTC and is available to all parents who have a child, aged 18 and younger, with a bleeding disorder.

The program is sponsored by an educational grant and is facilitated by the HTC social workers, Erin Stang and Audra Leblanc, as well as trained parents from the Hemophilia community.

The HTC is still in the planning stages for our 2014 PEP program, so return here for more information or contact our program coordinators by email at, please indicate in the subject line you are interested in the PEP program.

The story of PEP

Interested in the history of PEP? This graphic flow chart on the PEP Program website helps explain the origins of the program. Their site explains in detail much about the program and how it can help parents.

More information can be found at the main, PEP website here.