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Our Team

The HTC is Composed of Dedicated Specialists

Clinical Staff
The HTC is composed of a dedicated team of experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, a physician assistant, nurses, physical therapists, social workers and pharmacists, ensuring a comprehensive care experience for all of our patients and families. In addition to providing treatments for patients with bleeding/clotting disorders, the HTC is committed to providing education and preventative care for patients and their families.

Our specialized faculty and staff are arranged into daily teams that want to provide personalized care to our patients. All patients and families can choose a team that fits their needs and have that consistent team for their regular appointments. Patients can also set appointments for immediate needs regardless of the team they normally see. See our regular team chart HERE and find more information about visiting our clinic HERE.

Pharmacy Staff
The HTC's state-of-the-art pharmacy provides a wide range of treatments especially tailored for patients with bleeding disorders. With over twenty years of cumulative experience in providing medications for hemophilia and thrombosis patients, and 340b grant backing, the HTC pharmacy is uniquely positioned to provide the latest in pharmaceutical treatments for our patients at the lowest possible cost. The HTC also supports a pharmacist that manages the care of patients who are on anti-coagulation therapy. To learn more about our pharmacy, click HERE.
Research Staff
The HTC conducts laboratory and clinical research for new treatments of bleeding and clotting disorders. Experienced physicians lead our laboratory studies with a specialized staff of laboratory researchers. The HTC lab provides research support for a number of national and international studies on new factor treatments. The HTC also conducts clinical trials on-site with a staff of full-time researchers. Data from these studies provide valuable information nationwide for the improvement of new factor treatments, methods of diagnosis and clinical best practices. To learn more about our research division, click HERE.