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Clinical Care for Bleeding Disorders at the HTC

Hemophilia Focus Areas.jpgHow We Treat Hemophilia
Hemophilia and related disorders are chronic conditions that require medical intervention throughout the patient’s life. The approach of the HTC staff is to provide patient education and promote care at home. The philosophy of care of the HTC is to work with patients and families to fully participate in all aspects of their own self-care. Patient education and understanding of their disorder along with treatment are the keys to independence. Learning home treatment and managing ongoing care, with consultation from the HTC medical team for acute issues, are the ultimate goals for patients and families to become self-reliant. At the HTC our aim is to treat not just symptoms but assist our patients on multiple levels to help manage their disorders throughout their lives.

Education: Our HTC team members have many years of experience in the treatment of patients with bleeding disorders. The HTC provides detailed instruction to patients on the specific bleeding disorder a patient may have and teach methods to help patients prevent bleeds and reduce injury. Proper planning and knowledge assists our patients whether they are traveling, choosing a sport to participate in, or understanding how to be ready when a bleed occurs. Often this includes both planning and pre-medication to prevent bleeding.

Treatment:  The clinical staff is up to date on all products used to treat bleeding disorders. A current factor products comparison sheet can be found on our pharmacy section HERE. Our HTC specialty pharmacy provides the all currently available medications used to treat bleeding disorders. Pharmacy products are available in the clinic setting for acute bleeding that requires an in-person visit and can also be shipped to our patients for use at home.

Physical Therapy:   The goal of the HTC is to maximize every patient’s physical state with targeted exercise planning. However, when joint or muscle bleeds occur function can be limited.  Our physical therapy team is skilled in helping patients overcome the painful side effects of joint and muscle bleeds and providing exercises for home therapy that will return patients to maximum health.

Counseling: Our two full-time social workers assist our patients in dealing with the psychological impact of dealing with a chronic condition. Their expertise in hemophilia and other bleeding disorders allows them to help patients manage the stresses and issues that may arise when living with their disorder. The social workers are also available to work with patients for insurance questions or other issues that affect overall quality of life.


Comprehensive Care Clinics:  These clinics offer access to the full comprehensive care team including a hematologist, nurse practitioner, nurse, social worker, physical therapist, and pharmacist. The annual visit will consist of appointments with all HTC team members and a plan for the coming year as well as a blood draw for bleeding-related laboratory testing. These annual visits include:

  1. Reviewing issues that have come up with the patient that need addressing with the HTC care team.
  2. Addressing the individual treatment plan based on the patient’s current weight, bleed pattern, activity level and lab values.
  3. Working with patients to prepare a plan to manage acute bleeding episodes when they occur and how to contact us when they need immediate care. Our clinic is fully equipped and prepared to assist patients when faced with a bleed.
  4. Working with each family to identify which pharmacy the patient will use for both acute and ongoing treatment.  Prescriptions will be provided to the patient following their visit.
  5. Educating patients on how to gain access to specific HTC staff for questions they may have.
  6. Informing patients on how to access our services after-hours.
  7. Assessing whether referrals to other specialty physicians are required.
See our Clinic page for details on how to set up an appointment for care.