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Mark Bauer, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

phone:   (919) 824-0240

Mark Bauer is a Research Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at University of Colorado Denver. His research concerns the logical structure of scientific inquiry with a particular focus on the investigation of animal cognition. He teaches a number of logic courses, including courses on informal reasoning, formal or symbolic logics, as well as scientific inference, in addition to advanced courses in Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Mind. 

  • PhD,  Philosophy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2007
  • MA,   Philosophy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2002
  • MA,   Philosophy, University of Wyoming, 2000
  • BA,   Philosophy/International Studies, American University, 1994

  • Empirical status of semantic attribution 
  • Cognitive explanations of animal behavior 
  • Evolution of cognitive systems 
  • Explanatory relationships of differing fields of inquiry 
  • Multi-valued and fuzzy formal modal logics