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Clinical Ethics

Consultation and Education

​​​Center for Bioethics and Humanities faculty actively practice clinical ethics and provide consultation at our two acute care institutions: University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado.  We offer educational seminars to the community on a variety of clinical ethics consultation topics listed below, and are available to provide informal consultation on particularly challenging cases.  Visit our Speakers Bureau,​ for an even wider range of challenging bioethics and health humanities topics.

​Informed Consent & Decision-Making Capacity           Undocumented & Unrepresented Patients
Advanced Care Planning & Advance Directives          ​​  Medical Aid in Dying
"Futility" and Potentially Inappropriate Care              Frequent Utilizers
​Pregnancy and Perinatal Issues                                 "Safe Enough Discharge"  
​Pediatric and Adolescent Challenges                           Moral Distress for Caregivers
​Difficult Patient/Professional Encounters                   Public Health Preparedness & Response
​​Professionalism / Legal Dilemmas / Rural Bioethics / Shared Decision-Making
​Recognition of Context and Negotiation of Differences (includes cultural and religious issues)

Jean Abbott, MD, MH  Difficult Patients; End-of-Life Ethics; Potentially Inappropriate Care

Jackie Glover, PhD​  Maternal/Fetal Conflicts; Pediatrics; Consultation Services

Heather Fitzgerald, MS, RN  Family-Centered Care; Pediatrics; Shared Decision-Making

Brian Jackson, MD​  Adolescent Medicine; Pediatric Critical Care                                      

Kristin Furfari, MD​  Decision-Making Capacity; Facilitating Difficult Conversations; Ethical Frameworks  

Dan Rierden, MD​  Adolescent Medicine; GLBT Issues                                                        

Megan Prescott, LCSW​  Difficult Patients / Frequent Utilizers; from First Call to Consult to Documentation

Julie Swaney, MDiv​  Spirituality; Cultural Differences


To inquire about educational seminars:
Meleah Himber, M.Ed  (303) 724-8332 or David Weil (303) 724-8074

For direct contact with the Clinical Consult Team at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities:
Jackie Glover, PhD​  (303) 724-3992

If you are trying to reach the Ethics Consult Service at the University of Colorado Hospital:
Page (303) 266-3842 (ETHC) or email

If you are trying to reach the Ethics Consult Service at the Children’s Hospital Colorado:
Call (720) 777-3999 (One Call) and ask the operator to page the Ethics Consultant who is on call.