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VISION (the future we seek to create) 

The Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus​ is the home of world-class programs that cultivate values, celebrate imagination and produce vibrant community conversations. 

MISSION (the passion that drives our work) 

Supporting compassionate, competent, respectful and just health care. 


The Center generates unique opportunities to create transformational learning, groundbreaking scholarship, thought-provoking art and inclusive conversations for Colorado health professionals, students, patients and communities.  


What Worries You Most? on display in the Art Gallery at the Fulginti Pavilion.
Medical students distributed cards to patients in the Emergency Department that
read "What Worries You Most?" The responses were eye-opening.  These cards
remind us that the ailments bringing people into the emergency department are
often not their main concern.​  

Opening on October 6th - REMBRANDT:  Etchings from the Collection of Tobia and Morton Mower.


City Forum presents "Death with Dignity? Proposition 106, Hospice, and Right to Die.”
on Wednesday, August 30 from 6:30-8:45pm at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton.
In an age of immense resources that touch on the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of
a person, what does it mean to die with dignity?  You are invited to join CBH faculty Jean Abbott,
MD, MH and a community panel for conversations about end-of-life decisions, mercy, autonomy,
and ethics.  Details>>​


The Aspen Program for Ethical Healthcare Leadership will be held on September
11-13, 2017.   As health care becomes more integrated, complicated, and personalized,
forward-thinking leaders must adapt to an environment in which multiple stakeholders
will hold varying – and sometimes conflicting – role responsibilities, values and
expectations.  This program is targeted at health care leaders and those rising to
leadership positions in health care organizations.  LEARN MORE>>​


Congratulations to Tess Jones, PhD, Director of the Arts and Humanities in
Healthcare Program, who was 
named the recipient of the Science, Medicine and
the Arts Award
by the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation.  J. Landis Martin, chairman of
the board for Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, commended the program “for changing
the way healthcare education can use the arts to help patients, students and 
providers alike, and achieve better healthcare outcomes for all.” 
View the video to learn more>>​.

HARD CALL:  A podcast series presenting the human stories behind the tough decisions
we're forced to make about our health.  Hard Call is a compendium of live events, podcasts,
and educational materials that illuminate the most challenging situations in health care.
Center Director Dr. Matthew Wynia was interviewed on "Colorado Matters" about Hard Call.

MaryLou Wallace was chosen as the 2017 "Outstanding Planner of the Year,” by the
Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals​.
 The chapter recognized MaryLou for her dedication and tireless efforts to support SGMP; writing newsletter articles, committee and board service, recruiting excellent speakers,
as well as her welcoming and friendly demeanor to members and guests. Congratulations MaryLou!

Center Director Dr. Matthew Wynia, participated in a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival 
exploring the question, "Can health-centered interventions really change hearts and
minds, and turn potentially violent people in other directions?"   VIEW HERE>>

The Human Touch 2017 is available for free at the Fulginiti Pavilion or AMC Bookstore.
This 10th edition provides an opportunity for artists and writers to represent issues of health,
illness, relationships and care through imaginative and inspirational materials such as poetry,
prose, photography, visual arts and graphic stories.  LEARN MORE>>

Graduate Certificate in Health Humanities and Ethics.  One of only a few
such programs nationwide, this certificate program is intended to enrich the training
of health professions students and graduate students in the humanities and social
sciences as well as enhance the expertise of working professionals. APPLICATIONS
NOW BEING ACCEPTED:   Learn more>>​ ​

Jackie Glover, PhD, is featured in a short video, "The importance of Ethics
Committees in the Evolving Healthcare Environment,"​
published by the
American Journal of Managed Care.  
She describes how ethics committees are
becoming more involved in developing and maintaining the ethical climate or culture
of an institution.

Daniel Goldberg, JD, PhD, is featured in an interview in The Atlantic about
discrimination in pain medicine.  The article cites his recent paper, “Pain, objectivity
and history: understanding pain stigma,”
published in the February edition of
Medical Humanities.

Matthew Wynia, MD was featured in a 9NEWS Investigative Report, "Why
does insulin keep getting more expensive?"
  This is part of their “Side Effects”
series on the rising costs of drugs.


The Center for Bioethics and Humanities Annual Report​ is now available!
We are proud to share our first annual report, which summarizes the many accomplishments of the Center during 2016.

The One Colorado Education Fund recognized Center faculty Daniel Reirden, MD​,
with it's 2016 Ally Award.  Dr. Reirden is the medical director of the Children’s Hospital
Youth and Young Adult HIV program and has been instrumental in the creation of
Children’s Hospital Colorado’s new multi-disciplinary program for gender non-conforming
and transgender children, adolescents, and young adults. View a video describing his
outstanding work and service to the community.

An article published in American Medical Association Journal of Ethics:
"Creating a Space for the Arts and Humanities at the Anschutz Medical Campus,"
by Center Associate Director Therese Jones, PhD, describes our unique facility
and program which encompasses education, inquiry, expression and engagement.


Health Humanities Reader, edited by Therese Jones, Delese Wear and Lester D. Friedman, is available from Rutgers University Press.  "This is a landmark volume that
sets the standard for any future collection in medical/health humanities.  It is by turns authoritative, funny, edgy, creative and personal-sometimes all in one piece," says
Thomas R. Cole, Director, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics at University
of Texas-Houston Medical School.


The Nipple Quilt: A Genealogical Fabric of Human Existence
by Laura Phelps Rogers, on display in the Fulginiti Foyer.  Laura's work is about personal, familial, generational, social and cultural memories. The quilt is made of life casts of
people’s nipples as a means of representing and documenting the person. 

ARCHIVE:  Most Arts in Medicine Lectures/Performances and Ethics Bites discussions
are recorded, and may be viewed online. 
 View archive​. 

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