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The CU School of Medicine is top-ranked in primary care, pediatrics and family and rural medicine. We offer degrees in doctor of medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant, medical science in anesthesiology, genetic counseling, modern human anatomy.

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The Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, engages today’s and tomorrow’s health professionals and the community in substantive, interdisciplinary dialogue about the ethical issues surrounding contemporary healthcare.

• Educating the next generation of health care professionals who can balance the humanistic, scientific
  and technical dimensions of their profession

• Encouraging responsible development and use of emerging technologies

• Involving diverse and previously unrepresented voices in community dialogue

• Bridging the precision of science and the complexity of patients' lives



ARCHIVE:  Most Arts in Medicine Lectures/Performances and Ethics Bites Discussions are recorded, and may be viewed online. View archive​.   

on display in the Fulginiti Gallery through November 13th.

This exhibit of paintings by Colorado's premiere landscape artist elicits questions such as, how does art intervene in the erasures of history and humanity that occurred on 9/11? What cannot or should not be represented?  What is the role of art in testimony, memorial, mourning and healing?  Learn more>>

"Colorado: A Liquid History and Tavern Guide," by Tom ​​Dr. Colorado Noel ​​
on Monday, November 3rd from noon-1:00pm 
at the Fulginiti Pavilion.  
Hear fascinating tales of saloons, and the social and political roles taverns played, 
especially for immigrants.  
Arts in Medicine lectures are free and open to the public.


"The Neuroscientific Origins of Modern Culture," by Gabriel Finkelstein, PhD,
on Monday, November 10th from noon-1:00pm at the Fulginiti Pavilion.
Dr. Finkelstein will discuss Emil du Bois-Reymond, a German scientist who founded
the discipline of electrophysiology and much more...​


Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, was recently interviewed about diagnostic errors on
Colorado MattersListen to the story on Colorado Public Radio. In addition, Dr. Wynia
co-authored a recently-released discussion paper, "Shared Decision-Making Strategies
for Best Care
," for the Institute of Medicine in Washington, DC.

Essay Contest Recognizes Humanism in Medicine
Cash Prizes of $500, $250, and $150 To Be Awarded
Are you a Colorado healthcare student? Do you know a healthcare  professional or
interdisciplinary team that embodies humanism in medicine? Life Quality Institute and the Center for Bioethics and Humanities invite you to submit an essay reflecting on the practice of patient-centered care based on the principles of:
•    Open communication
•    Mutual respect, and
•    Emotional connection between health professionals and their patient
Click for details and submission deadline.

Rockly Family Foundation MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SALE-DECEMBER 5-7, 2014.
The Fulginiti Pavilion has had the use of new first-class pianos on a no-cost basis since
its opening. This arrangement is provided through 
a partnership between the Center
for Bioethics and Humanities and the Rockley Family Foundation
A large selection of 
grands, baby grands, digital player grands, upright pianos, digital
keyboards, orchestral
strings, acoustic & electric guitars will be available.   Click for details.

Submission deadline is December 15, 2014.  Please follow the link for 
submission instructions
The Human Touch 2014 is available at the AMC Bookstore
or at the Fulginiti Pavilion lobby.  This is the 7th annual volume of poetry, prose and
visual art created and contributed by students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the
Anschutz Medical Campus.  You may also read The Human Touch online.  


A major report from the Institute of Medicine, “Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences near the End of Life,” was recently released. The report finds that improving quality and availability of medical and social services for patients and their families could enhance quality of life through the end of life and contribute to a more sustainable care system. Jean Kutner, MD, MSPH, associate dean for clinical affairs at the School of Medicine and chief medical officer at University of Colorado Hospital, served on the 21-member committee that authored the report, which attracted attention in the media.


Therese (Tess) Jones, PhD, Associate Director of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities, is the recipient of CU's 2014 Thomas Jefferson Awardwhich recognizes CU faculty, staff and students who demonstrate excellence in the performance of regular academic responsibilities while contributing outstanding service to the broader community. Jones and other awardees were recognized at an event on April 2nd, 2014.


Jones article published in Journal of the American Medical Association:
"Creating a Space for the Arts and Humanities at the Anschutz Medical
," by Center Associate Director Therese Jones, PhD, describes
our unique facility and program which encompasses education, inquiry,
expression and engagement.  
Virtual Mentor. August 2014, Volume 16, Number 8: 618-621​

The 4th International Health Humanities Conference will be held at the Fulginiti
Pavilion on April 30-May 2, 2015 Health Humanities: The Next Decade (Pedagogies, Practices and Politics)​ ​will bring together scholars, educators, clinicians, health advocates, students, patients and caregivers in an effort to identify the core issues and guiding values as well as define the expanding scope of the health humanities.


Health Humanities Reader, edited by Therese Jones, Delese Wear and Lester D. Friedman, is available from Rutgers University Press.  "This is a landmark volume that sets the standard for any future collection in medical/health humanities.  It is by turns authoritative, funny, edgy, creative and personal-sometimes all in one piece," says Thomas R. Cole, Director, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics at University of Texas-Houston Medical School.


Ethics of Caring 3rd National Nursing Ethics Conference, March 19-20,
2015 in Los Angeles, CA.
  The conference theme, “Conversations in Ethics,”
will highlight how communication is vitally important to supporting ethics in clinical
practice. Those relationships and communication can be challenged by a person’s
vulnerability, compromised capacity, inability to speak, being unrepresented,
lack of knowledge, language differences, or feeling threatened due to power
structures.  Learn more>>

Letters to a Third Year Student - Confused, frustrated, terrified, overworked and under-​appreciated are some of the ways our graduating medical students remember their third year, when after spending two years in the classroom, they plunge into the clinical realm, working with patients under the supervision of residents and attending physicians.  Read their letters, which share advice, humor and insights.


The Nipple Quilt: A Genealogical Fabric of Human Existence
by Laura Phelps Rogers, on display in the Fulginiti Foyer.  Laura's work is about personal, familial, generational, social and cultural memories. The quilt is made of life casts of people’s nipples as a means of representing and documenting the person.

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