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Molecular Biology Service Center

Services Overview

Automated DNA Sequencing 

  • Dye-terminator sequencing on ABI 3130x1 Genetic Analyzer capillary instrument
  • 800-1000bp Q20 read length
  • Online sample submission and results retrieval
  • Drop Box Locations at RC1-N, RC1-S, RC2
  • Next business day results for samples submitted before 1pm
  • Free reruns
  • See Sample Submission Guidelines for details and requirements
  • List of Primers available provided by the MBCF
  • Sanger Sequencing trouble shooting guides can be found here and here​.
Human Cell Line Authentication 
  • ​​Human Identification STR Analysis (Zygosity testing, human cell line authentication1)​
  • For ID testing, 15ul gDNA template at >30ng/ul are required
  • Please see our STR Analysis and Cell Line Authentication page​

Mycoplasma Testing 

  • PCR based detection of various mycoplasma species
  • 50-100ng of genomic DNA for Sample Submission
  • We utilize the e-Myco PLUS PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit
  • For Mycoplasma testing, 15ul gDNA template at >30ng/ul are required
Interspecies and Cross Contamination Testing 

  • Multiplex PCR assay that will screen for different species contamination in your cell lines
  • Will detect for the presence of human, mouse, rat, rabbit, and Chinese hamster
  • gDNA sample submitted for STR testing or mycoplasma testing can be used
  • 15ul gDNA template at >30ng/ul are required

Barbara Davis Center
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
1775 Aurora Court, 4th floor, Room 4207
Phone: 303-724-6825

Molecular Biology contact personnel:
Mark Farrell​Core Manager

  1. 'Notice Regarding Authentication of Cultured Cell Lines' from NIH.