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2018 - 2019 University of Colorado Diabetes Speaker Series

Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes Series Roster

​All seminars take place on Fridays at 12pm at the Anschutz Medical Campus, Nighthorse Campbell building, in the Shore Family Auditorium.
For administrative assistance: Christy Vasey​, 303-724-9787.
Light refreshments will be provided for guests and attendees.
Lecture topics will be announced a few weeks prior to each semiar. 

​Date ​Speaker ​Institution

​September 7, 2018

​Michael James Haller, MD

​University of Florida
Department of Pediatric Endocrinology 

​September 21, 2018 ​Jack Virostko, PhD
Assistant Professor
​​University of Texas
Dell Medical School

​October 5, 2018



​October 19, 2018 ​​Bruce Verchere, PhD
​British Columbia Children's Hospital Research Institute
Dept's of Surgery, Pathology, & Laboratory Medicine

​November 2, 2018

​Megan Sykes, MD

​Columbia Center for Translational Immunology

​November 16, 2018

Alejandro Caicedo, PhD
Associate Professor

​University of Miami
Miller School of Medicine

​November 30, 2018

​Pere Santamaria, MD, PhD

​University of Calgary
Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Infectious Diseases

​December 14, 2018

​Andrew Peterson, PhD
Principal Scientist

Senior Director of Molecular Biology & Metabolic Diseases

​January 11, 2019 ​Carmelia Evans-Molina, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
​Indiana University
Pediatric Diabetes Program
​January 25, 2019 ​Edward Phelps, PhD
Assistant Professor
​University of Florida
Biomedical Engineering
​February 8, 2019 ​Mark Mamula, PhD
​Yale School of Medicine
​March 8, 2019 BDC Diabetes Day Symposium ​TBD
​March 22, 2019 ​Mark Anderson, MD
​University of California, San Francisco
School of Medicine
​April 5, 2019 ​Mattew Merrins, PhD
​University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Medicine & Public Health
Endocrinology, Diabetes Metabolism
​April 19, 2019 ​Peggy Kendall, MD
Associate Professor
​Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Allergy, Pulmonary & Critical Care
​May 10, 2019 ​Christopher Newgard, PhD
​Duke Molecular Physiology Institute & Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition & Metabolism Center Director
​May 17, 2019 ​Maria Bettini, PhD
Assistant Professor
Baylor Colleg of Medicine
Pediatrics-Diabetes & Endocrinology
​May 31, 2019 ​Jesper Gromada, DMSci, PhD
Head Metabolism & Muscle Thearpeutic Focus Areas
​Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.