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Research Division Faculty




  Tomasz Sosinowski, PhD
  Primary Appointment: Instructor, Department of Pediatrics

My research focuses on understanding the role T cells play in the development and progression of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). This builds upon my previous studies of T Cell Receptor (TCR) signaling and thymocyte development (Dr. Art Weiss lab), regulation of interlekin-15 expression (Dr. John Kappler and Dr. Philippa Marrack lab), and of the biology of insulin-specific T cells derived from NOD mice (Dr. Laurent Gapin lab). I joined the BDC in 2011 with the goal of extending these studies to humans. As originally proposed by my former mentor George Eisenbarth, a fundamental cause of T1D in NOD mice and potentially in humans, is the recognition of proinsulin–derived peptides bound to the “diabetogenic” MHC molecules by“diabetogenic” CD4+ T cells (that form critical trimolecular complexes: insulin/MHC/TCR). I am therefore, focusing on immune responses to proinsulin, and in particular on the regions of the beta chain (residues 9-23) and C-peptide (residues 41-62) previously shown by others to be presented by HLA-DQ2, DQ8, and the DQ8/DQ2 trans-dimer. 
My current work focuses on two projects: 
(1) Development of a humanized Mouse Model for preclinical testing of agents that target components of human tri-molecular complexes (e.g. small molecules and antibodies).
(2) Creation of an improved Biomarker Assays based on standardized artificial Antigen Presenting Cells (aAPCs) that selectively and specifically enumerates T cells recognizing proinsulin-MHC complexes. Such improved biomarker assays are urgently needed for more accurate monitoring of therapeutic efficacy during clinical interventions.



PhD: University of California, San Francisco (2001)

Please direct inquiries to specific e-mail addresses listed within individual entries. For all other general Research inquiries, please contact: Kathryn Gray, BFA, MA