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Research Division Faculty

Peter Gottlieb, MD
Primary Appointment: Professor of Pediatrics
Secondary Appointment: Professor of Medicine

P. Gottlieb, M. Rihanek

Our laboratory projects are designed to advance basic knowledge of the immune response to autoantigens in type 1 diabetes with the goal of designing immunotherapies for prediabetes and new onset type 1 subjects. My research is designed to better understand the molecular interaction between MHC molecules, antigens and T cell receptors that lead to the selection of antigen-specific T cells.  In addition, understanding the relationship of autoreactive vs. T regulatory cells has been an important component of this work and, more recently, understanding how other immune system functions, such as innate immunity, may alter the balance and threshold between regulation and pathogenicity as well.  I work with Drs. Davidson, Nakayama and Michels in the BDC Research Division and Drs. Thomas Delong and Katie Haskins of Immunology and Dr. Ron Gill of the Department of Surgery (HIRN grant) to better understand reactivity to target antigens in autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes and to develop new therapeutic approaches to prevent and reverse T1D.  I collaborate with Dr. Zipris on studies to describe the microbiome in human subjects and alter the innate immune response in individuals with prediabetes or recent onset disease.  Our lab also collaborates with others outside the BDC including Dr. John Cambier, Chair of Immunology/Microbiology at UCSOM, studying the B lymphocyte compartment and its role in human T1D, Dr. David Wagner to study unique T cell subsets which may describe autoreactive T cell populations as well as with Drs. Chris Love of MIT and Kai Wucherpfennig of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston to develop new methodologies to detect and understand T cell responses to autoantigens.  We aim to better understand the pathogenesis and natural history of Type 1 Diabetes as well as to design clinical prevention trials based on rigorous immunological readouts of the disease process. As the PI for the BDC NIH funded TrialNet center, my research provides ‘bench to bedside’ research of the highest caliber.  I have been the PI of both single center and multicenter clinical trials and I am currently the PI for the new TrialNet TN20 prevention study, “Immune Effects of Oral Insulin” (enrollment starting 1/16).

Lab Members:
Lab Manager: Marynette Rihanek
Clinical Trials Team Manager: Carrie Brill
Professional Research Assistant: Allison Schauwecker
Professional Research Assistant: ​Jordan Lykens​


MD: University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (1984)
Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center (1987)
Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center (1990)

Please direct inquiries to specific e-mail addresses listed within individual entries. For all other general Research inquiries, please contact: Patricia Dodson​