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Research Division Faculty

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Liping Yu, MD
Primary Appointment: Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics


Front Row: L. Jiang, H. High, D. Miao, Y. Zhou, Y. Gu, L. Yu
Back Row: T. Armstrong, P. Adanlessossi-Missoh, E. Hoffmeyer, Z. Zhao, J. Cheng

Our clinical immunology laboratory is an NIH/NIDDK designated Autoantibody/HLA Core laboratory. We, and in collaboration with others researcher, have developed islet autoantibody assays for IAA, GADA, IA-2A, and ZnT8A that are the current “gold standard” in clinical immunology. Our lab serves as the core laboratory for Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet, The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) and the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) consortia. Our major interests are focused on humoral autoimmune responses and HLA genetics in Type 1 Diabetes. Islet autoantibodies usually appear years before clinical onset of type 1 diabetes, therefore they are very important markers for islet autoimmunity and play an essential role in prediction, prevention, and clinical practice for diagnosis and treatment for type 1 diabetes. HLA is well known as a susceptible gene marker for type 1 diabetes. Early detection of islet autoantibodies and HLA genetic analysis helps to study the natural history of the disease to try and understand the interaction between environmental aspects and immune system/genetics which are important for studying the etiology of type 1 diabetes. Over the past several years, we have developed, validated, and patented electrochemiluminescence (ECL) assay method for IAA and GADA assays characterized by higher sensitivity and disease specificity. With new ECL assay platform, we have developed and are currently validating a multiplex ECL assay to simultaneously screen diabetes panels and other multiple relevant autoimmune diseases in one single well, which will fit for large scale screening in general population. At our Center immunogenetic and state of the art autoantibody analysis are integrated into clinical care and clinical research with a large population of patients tested for thyroid, Addison’s, celiac disease, APS-1, and rheumatoid arthritis risk. We believe understanding the genetic determinants of the constellation of autoimmune disorders affecting our patients will inform our studies of each of component diseases and guide the development of preventive therapy.

Lab Members:

Principal Investigator: Liping Yu, MD
Senior Research Associate: Dongmei Miao
Senior Professional Research Assistant: Taylor Armstrong
Professional Research Assistant: Ling Jiang
Professional Research Assistant: Hilary High
Professional Research Assistant: Jeremy Cheng
Professional Research Assistant: Yi Zhou
Post-Doc: Ling He
Post-Doc: XiaofanJia​


Core Director: Liping Yu, MD
Laboratory Manager: Dongmei Miao


MD: Jiangsu University Medical School, China (1981)

Please direct inquiries to specific e-mail addresses listed within individual entries. For all other general Research inquiries, please contact: Patricia Dodson​