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Research Division Faculty


Danny Zipris, PhD 
 Primary Appointment: Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Rear: D. Zipris
Front: M. Brown, J. Needell

Our laboratory investigates how virus infection and the innate immune system promote the development of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our recent studies performed in the BioBreeding Diabetes-Resistant (BBDR) and LEW1.WR1 rat models of Kilham Rat Virus (KRV)-induced diabetes have led to the hypothesis that the upregulation of proinflammatory pathways shortly after virus infection plays a crucial role in the course of islet destruction. We have identified a number of innate immune modulators, such as steroids, antibiotics, and blockers of IL-1 and histone deacetylases that can down-modulate inflammation and protect animals from beta cell destruction. Our laboratory also pursues the interactions between the gut microbiota and the innate immune system in islet autoimmunity. It has been hypothesized that changes in the gut bacterial composition could result in autoimmune disorders including T1D. Our data from the LEW1.WR1 rat and RIP-B7.1 mouse models of diabetes support this notion and further imply that cross-talk between the innate immune system and the gut microbiota is involved in disease progression. Finally, our recent human studies have shown that altered intestinal microbiota may be linked with disease progression in genetically-susceptible individuals. Our studies are likely to advance the knowledge about early diabetes mechanisms and may lead to the development of new therapeutic interventions to ameliorate the human disease.

PhD: Baar-Ilan University, Rarnat-Gan, Israel (1987)
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