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Barbara Davis Center Faculty Directory

Name​ ​Title
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD ​Interim Director
Robert Slover, MD Director of Pediatrics Services​
Satish Garg, MD ​Director of Adult Services
Brian Bucca, OD, FAAO ​Chief of Eye Care
Howard Davidson, BCs, PhD​ Head, ​Research Division
Name Department
Aaron Michels, MD Adult Clinic
Andrea Steck, MD Pediatrics
Danny Zipris, PhD Research
David Maahs, MD, PhD Pediatrics
Georgeanna Klingensmith, MD Pediatrics
H. Peter Chase, MD Pediatrics
Janet M. Wenzlau, PhD Research
Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD Pediatrics
Jennifer Barker, MD Pediatrics
Jennifer Raymond, MD Pediatrics
Li Zhang, MD, PhD Research
Liping Yu, MD Research
Maki Nakayama, MD, PhD Research
Paul Wadwa, MD Pediatrics
Peter Gottlieb, MD Adult Clinic
Phil Zeitler, MD Pediatrics
Philippe Walravens, MD Pediatrics
Raymond Gutin, MD Adult Clinic
Tomasz Sosinowski, PhD Research
​Viral Shaw, MD ​Adult Clinic
​Sarit Polsky, MD ​Adult Clinic
​Guy Todd Alonso, MD ​Pediatrics
​Andrea Gerard-Gonzalez, MD ​Pediatrics