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Type 1 Diabetes: Cellular, Molecular & Clinical Immunology

Edited by George S. Eisenbarth, Online Edition Version 3.0


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Type 1 Diabetes: Cellular, Molecular & Clinical Immunology Edited by George Eisenbarth
1. Primer Immunology and Autoimmunity - Updated 8/08
Stephanie C. Eisenbarth and Dirk Homann
Chapter 1 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 8/07
2. The Pancreatic Beta-Cell - Updated 8/06
George S. Eisenbarth, update of 2002 chapter by Kirstine Juhl and John Hutton
A. Cell Therapy of Diabetes Powerpoint slide set - Updated 7/06
B. Proprotein Processing and Pancreatic Islet Function Powerpoint slide set - Updated 11/06
C. Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in the Pancreatic Beta-Cell Powerpoint slide set - Updated 4/09
3. Animal Models of Type 1 Diabetes: Genetics and Immunological Function - Updated 7/08
George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 3 Powerpoint slide set - Udated 3/08
4. The Role of T Cells in Beta Cell Damage in NOD Mice and Humans - Updated 5/09
Edwin Liu, George S. Eisenbarth, and Howard Davidson
Chapter 4 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 3/10
5. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: An Inflammatory Disease Of The Islet - Updated 3/06
Regine Bergholdt, Peter Heding, Sif Groth Rønn, Joachim Størling, Morten Tonnesen, Flemming Pociot, and Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen. Steno Diabetes Center, Gentofte, Denmark
Chapter 5 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 3/02
6. The Immunobiology of Pancreatic Islet Transplantation Powerpoint Slide Set - Updated 4/06
Marilyne Coulombe and Ronald G. Gill
Chapter 6 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 4/06
7. Type I Diabetes Mellitus of Man: Genetic Susceptibility and Resistance - Updated 7/08
Andrea K. Steck, Alberto Pugliese, and George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 7 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 9/09
Additional Slideset: Chapter7_Sardinia.ppt
Additional Slideset: Chapter7_Japan.ppt
8. Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndromes - Updated 7/08
Jennifer M. Barker and George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 8 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 7/09, new slide #1
9. Epidemiology of Type I Diabetes - Updated 10/05
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD, Jill Norris, PhD, Adam Kretowski, MD, PhD
Chapter 9 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 12/09, new slides #1
Additional Slideset: Chapter9_Sardinia.ppt
10. Humoral Autoimmunity - Updated 6/09
Liping Yu and George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 10 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 4/08
11. Prediction of Type IA Diabetes: The Natural History of the Prediabetic Period - Updated 6/09
George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 11 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 8/08
12. Clinical Trials for the Prevention of Type I Diabetes - Updated 7/09
H. Peter Chase, Peter Gottlieb, & George S. Eisenbarth
Chapter 12 Powerpoint slide set - Updated 9/09
Mark Pescovitz Immunotherapy Review 2008 Slideset (added 6/08)
ADA Update June 2008.ppt Powerpoint slide set (added 7/08)
13. Theoretical Essays
Kevin J. Lafferty and George S. Eisenbarth, Editors
A. The Development of Autoimmune Diabetes
Kevin J. Lafferty
B. Pathogenesis of Type I Diabetes
George S. Eisenbarth
C. The New Math of Diabetes: When Th1 - Th2 = Th0
Donald Bellgrau and David P. Gold
D. Why Doesn't Everyone Develop Autoimmune Diabetes?
David W. Talmage and Richard J. Sanderson
E. Can Getting Excited Over Nothing Provoke Autoimmunity?
Don Bellgrau
F. Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes - A Viewpoint
Matthias G. von Herrath
G. Was There Type 1 Diabetes in the Olduvai Gorge?
David V. Serreze and Derry C. Roopenian
Chapter 13B: Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes Powerpoint slide set
Appendix: Selected Type 1A Diabetes Resources - Updated 4/08
George S. Eisenbarth