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Clinical Division Faculty

Faculty ​Clinic
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD, MPH, Executive Director
Executive Suite
Robert Slover, MD, Director of Pediatric Clinic Pediatrics
Satish Garg, MD, Director of Adult Clinic Adult
Brian Bucca, OD, FAAO, Chief of Eye Clinic Ophthalmology
Halis Kaan Akturk, MD ​Adult
Guy Todd Alonso, MD​ Pediatrics
Jennifer Barker, MD Pediatrics
H. Peter Chase, MD
Kimberly Driscoll, PhD​ ​Pediatrics
Gregory Forlenza, MD
Brigitte Frohnert, MD, PhD​ ​Pediatrics
Andrea Gerard Gonzalez, MD​ Pediatrics
Peter Gottlieb, MD Adult
Georgeanna Klingensmith, MD Pediatrics
Shideh Majidi, MD​ ​Pediatrics
​Aaron Michels, MD Adult
​Sarit Polsky, MD​ Adult
Viral Shah, MD Adult
Kimber Simmons, MD, MS ​Pediatrics
Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD​ Pediatrics
Andrea Steck, MD Pediatrics
Paul Wadwa, MD Pediatrics
Philippe Walravens, MD ​Pediatrics

Pediatrics Clinic Staff Adult Clinic Staff

Nurse Practitioner

Physician Assistant

Michelle Flagg

Physician Assistant



Christie Beatson
Elizabeth Beck
Emily Nease​ 

Social Worker

Lisa Meyers 

Basic and Translational Research Division Updates 2013-2014​