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Clinical Division Faculty



Primary Appointment: Associate Professor of Pediatrics

My primary research focus is the use of technology to improve clinical care to patients with type 1 diabetes. This includes Artificial Pancreas research, Telemedicine and clinical trials of new drugs and devices for the treatment of diabetes. The goal of the Barbara Davis Center telemedicine program is to provide type 1 diabetes care to patients living at a distance from the center, making regular follow up difficult. Over the coming years, we plan to analyze the data to determine if there are long term benefits for patients requiring the use of telemedicine as a part of their diabetes care. My work in clinical trials includes use of new therapeutic agents and devices for patients with type 1 diabetes. Our Artificial Pancreas research has included academic collaborations with several investigators globally as well as industry supported studies. The next decade will bring significant advances in the medications and devices used to care for patients with type 1 diabetes and I am excited to be a part of these rapidly advancing areas of diabetes care. I am also passionate about diabetes camp. From 2004-2014, I served as the Medical Director for Camp Colorado, the week-long camp for children with diabetes sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and supported by the Barbara Davis Center.

Study Coordinators:

Telemedicine: Tyler Reznick-Lipina

Clinical Trials: Isabel Weber, RD, MS

Artificial Pancreas Studies: Cari Berget, RN, CDE




MD: Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL (1996)

Residency: The Ohio State University; Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH (1999)

Fellowship: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (2003)