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Clinical Division Faculty

Primary Appointment: Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Secondary Appointment: Assistant Professor of Medicine

Main research interests are to understand the mechanisms and pathways for antibody-negative insulin dependent diabetes and new technologies for type 1 diabetes.

  1. To understand the mechanism of autoimmunity related to new generation cancer immunotherapy medications, PD1 inhibitors. Effects of PD1 inhibitors on endocrine system and pancreas islet cells are under investigation. PD1 inhibitor related type 1 diabetes in adults is my main focus for research. Multidisciplinary research is essential to investigate the effects of immunotherapy medications on endocrine system.
  2. To contribute to Wolfram Syndrome research in order to find a cure for the syndrome. I collaborated with national and international investigators for Wolfram Syndrome database and I would like to build up an adult clinic. Our goal is to recruit the patients for clinical trials to slow down the progression of the disease and for a better understanding of antibody-negative nature of type 1 diabetes in this population.
  3. Clinical trials for new insulins, insulin pump systems and hybrid closed-loops.


MD: Istanbul University, Turkey
Residency: Creighton University, Internal Medicine
Fellowship: Mayo Clinic, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism