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Clinical Division Faculty


Andrea Gerard Gonzalez, MD​

Primary Appointment: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Director of Latino Educational and Diabetes Care Program for 


My current research focus is to develop successful and cost effective programs to improve the diabetes care delivery and outcomes of the Latinos with type 1 diabetes. My long term goal is to become one of the best master clinician educators in an academic environment that will provide the necessary tools and environment to thrive both as a clinical pediatric endocrinologist and researcher. My main focus of interest is the Hispanic-Latino pediatric population with type 1diabetes. I am particularly passionate and interested in developing innovative educational and diabetes care programs specific for Latinos to target the many challenges that providers face while taking care of this growing population in the US. I am certain that this new strategy will improve the outcomes of the Latinos affected with Type 1DM and will be a cost effective maneuver that will alleviate some of the financial burden to the health system.

To reach this goal I became a pediatric endocrine fellow at UCSF from June 2010-June 2013 and was later on awarded the Cameron pediatric diabetes fellowship award from June 2011- June 2013. I was then hired by the Barbara Davis Center starting October 1st 2013 as the new Director of the Latino educational and diabetes care program. At the BDC I have full support to develop the new Latino diabetes care program. The BDC is one of the worlds most recognized institutions dedicated to the care of patients affected with type 1 DM. I will be collaborating with researchers and clinicians with vast experience in developing new diabetes care strategies, awarded multiple research grants and pioneers of current diabetes technology.  


MD: Universidad La Salle School of Medicine (2005)
Residency: Miami Children’s Hospital (2010)
Fellowship: University of California San Francisco (2013)​