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Clinical Resources (Spanish)

1. Diabetic Ketoacidosis

DKA Treatment Protocol

2. BDC Patient/Family First Visit Information

3. Diabetes Resources for Healthcare Providers, Families, Schools and Educators​

Checklists, forms & sample letters in printable Word and Acrobat format including Daily Record Form for Insulin Pump Management, School Blood Sugar Record Sheet, Three Day Food Record Form, & Interventions for Emergency Situations.

4. BDC HIPAA Forms & Instructions

Collection of forms including Notice of Privacy Practices, BDC Research Admission & Authorization Forms, Shadowing Instructions and Documentation, PHI Release Instructions and Documentation, and Pre-Research Forms.

5. Resources for Adolescents and Young Adults:

  • Alcohol Handout

  • Driving Handout

  • Drugs Handout

  • Roommate Handout

  • Roommate Emergency

  • Information about Sex and Diabetes

6. Pediatric Insulin Pump Programs

  • Animas Download

  • Carelink Downloading

  • FAQ-Pumps

  • Omnipod Download Instruction

  • Pathway to Insulin Pump

  • Pump Expo

  • Pump Insurance

  • Pump Quiz

  • Pumping Tips to Remember

  • School Pump Order Form

  • Medtronic Saline Start Homework

  • Omnipod Homework for Saline Start

  • Pump Mgt Log Sheet

  • Tandem T-Slim Homework for Saline Start

  • Animas Homework for Saline Start

7. Travel Letter - Insulin Pump