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Funding for Heart Failure Center

CU School of Medicine


AURORA, Colo. – A team of physicians and scientists from the University of Colorado School of Medicine have been awarded funding by the American Heart Association (AHA) to establish a center that will be a part of the AHA’s Heart Failure Research Network. 

The award announced on Friday, May 20, provides about $4 million and will allow the CU team to develop personalized, affordable medications that will benefit large groups of patients. The CU center will be led by Peter Buttrick, MD, senior associate dean for academic affairs and head of the Division of Cardiology in the Department of Medicine.

Starting in 2015, the American Heart Association began funding two “strategically focused research networks” per year. These networks are comprised of three to five institutions, each working on three projects that are focused on a strategic area. Previously established networks have focused on hypertension, prevention, disparities and women’s health.

Last winter, the AHA announced that it was accepting proposals from institutions to establish a Heart Failure Research Network. On Friday, the AHA announced four centers, including the University of Colorado School of Medicine, that were selected to be part of the Heart Failure Research Network. The others are Duke University Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Utah.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine research team is structured to address knowledge gaps in the treatment of heart failure across the discovery continuum, from basic science to clinical care to population health, and will specifically focus on novel drug discovery, pharmacogenomics and patient engagement.

Center Director: Peter Buttrick, MD

Basic Project PI: Timothy McKinsey, PhD, associate professor of medicine and associate division head for translational research Epigenetic Readers as Downstream Effectors of Beta1-Adrenergic Receptor Signaling in HFrEF

Clinical Project PI: Michael Bristow, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and co-founder of the University of Colorado Cardiovascular Institute Therapeutic Molecular and Structural Phenotypic Changes of Heart Rate Reduction in HFrEF

Population Project PI: Larry Allen, MD, MHSc, associate professor of medicine and medical director of advanced heart failure and transplantation Electronic health record-leveraged, Patient-centered, Intensification of Chronic care for Heart Failure (EPIC-HF)