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School of Medicine Breaking News

July 20, 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting News Coverage Reports


Mental Health Care for First Responders

First responders told CU researchers they need better access to mental health resources.

$1 Billion for CU Research

CU received a record $1 billion for research last fiscal year with nearly half coming to the Anschutz Medical Campus.

The Celiac Surge

A CU researcher documented a sudden increase in celiac disease nationally. Since then scientists have been trying to home in on the cause.

One-Shot Vaccination for Babies

​A "one and done" vaccination shot under development would eliminate multiple booster shots and provide instant immunity, doctors say.

Reduce Measles Outbreaks

States with weaker, non-medical exemption policies for vaccinations can reduce the likelihood of a measles outbreak 140 to 190 percent by strengthening them, CU researchers say.

Low Protein-Obesity Link

Poor women in Latin America are more likely to be obese because they eat less protein but consume more calories, researchers say.

Med Students Support Legal Marijuana

CU medical students support legal use and research of marijuana for both physical and mental health reasons.

Doctors Should Ask About Guns

Two-thirds of Americans say doctors should ask patients about gun ownership and safety, a CU study shows.

Physical Toll of Tour de France

A CU researcher details the way a cyclist's body copes and deteriorates during the world's hardest endurance race.

Kids Survey Returns

Public school reception to the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey has been favorable despite recent controversy that the poll is too intrusive and explicit for school-age children, a CU faculty member says.

Link to Liver Disease in CF Patients

CU researchers have found a possible cause of liver disease in adolescents with cystic fibrosis.

The End of Diabetes

"I think that the day will come when we don’t have diabetes,” says a researcher at CU's Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.

Texas School Sought Holmes

James Holmes impressed faculty at the Texas A&M neuroscience program but he dropped out before on-campus interviews.

Last Shooting Victim Leaves Hospital

Caleb Medley, the last victim hospitalized in the Aurora theater shootings, has been discharged from University of Colorado Hospital to a long-term care facility.

Alabama Rejected Holmes

The University of Alabama Birmingham rejected James Holmes' PhD application saying interviewers were troubled by his personality.