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New Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes

New classes of diabetes drugs are helping patients avoid weight gain.

Your Diabetes Risk

What is your risk of becoming part of the nation's diabetes crisis? Take a quick quiz to find out.

Mass Grave Photos on Display

Photos from a mass grave found outside the Colorado Insane Asylum are on display at the Anschutz Medical Campus Fulginiti Pavilion.

Comparing Vaccination Rates

Colorado and Utah have similar laws concerning childhood vaccines, but different attitudes toward enforcement mean that far fewer Colorado children are vaccinated.

UCH Chief Retires

The longtime president and CEO of University of Colorado Hospital has announced his retirement.

Rehab for Elite Athletes

The CU CeDAR Ascent Program is the first in the nation designed specifically to help elite athletes kick addiction problems.

Blood Clots Common in Lungs

One athlete compared the symptoms to feeling like someone was sitting on her chest.

Pre-Health Majors Boom

Hundreds of CU Denver students are joining the pre-health ranks in hopes of becoming doctors or nurses.

Snow Shoveling Tips

Think you know how to shovel snow? Check these tips to avoid hurting yourself.

Driving Richard Home

A widow tells of the journey to bring home the ashes of her husband, who had donated his body to CU School of Medicine students.

Rise in Mutilation Cases

A CU gynecologist says female genital mutilation cases are becoming more common in Denver.

Genetic Screening Helps Couple

Genetic screening helped one Colorado couple have healthy children, but some argue it creates designer babies.

Doctors Debate Right to Die Law

Two CU physicians debate the ethics of a proposed Colorado "Right to Die" law.

The February Fall-Off

New year's resolutions often start to wane by February, but CU's Holly Wyatt, MD, says the right mindset can reverse the slide.

Post-Super Bowl Regrets

Addiction centers see an upswing in calls for help following the Super Bowl each year because of the event's heavy drinking traditions.