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Exploding E-Cigarettes Cause Injuries

A CU physician says she's treated four people for burns from exploding e-cigarettes in the last two months.

Zika Virus Unlikely to Spread in Colorado

A Zika virus outbreak in the United States would likely be short-lived, a CU neurologist says.

DIY Conception Kit

You can buy a kit designed to boost fertility, but a CU expert says you can cheaply put one together yourself.

Parenting in the Age of Legalized Pot

A CU expert says parents should start talking to children about marijuana early because exposure starts at a very young age.

'Beauty' of MS

Sarah Richter, whose art is on display on campus, says a multiple sclerosis diagnosis sparked creativity.

8 Facts About the HPV Vaccine

No. 2: HPV infections dropped by half after the vaccine was introduced in 2006.

Integrated Boulder Clinic

CU doctors at a new European-style health clinic in Boulder meld high performance athletic training and rehabilitation.

How Some People Avoid Colds

“Not since the trenches of World War I have germs been efficiently shared as in today’s child care centers,” says CU's vice chairman of pediatrics.

Cardiac MDs Travel to Nepal

CU doctors visited Nepal to treat patients and train local health professionals.

Fixing the ER

CU Emergency Department Chief Richard Zane, MD, to the Harvard Business Review: How to fix a broken ER.

New Sleep Apnea Treatment

An implant treatment to keep the airway open is the newest weapon against sleep apnea.

Tendon Therapy

An in-office procedure to heal tendon damage helps athletes regain their mobility.

It's Frostbite Season

Don't let the cold weather catch you unprotected - a frostbite victim says he could face amputation after being outside too long.

Nutrition Myths

Myth-busting: Does sugar cause diabetes? Does microwaving food destroy nutrients?

Try an Exercise Prescription

How much should you exercise to burn fat or to build endurance? A personalized exercise prescription clears up the confusion.