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Healthy Cooking Program in Aurora

The Anschutz Cooking Matters program teaches neighbors in Aurora how to cook healthy meals for not much money.

Teens Need Long-Term Birth Control

The Colorado teen birth rate has dropped dramatically, and a CU physician says long-term reversible birth control is a big reason.

The September Asthma Epidemic

More students are admitted to the hospital for asthma attacks in September than in any other month, a Children's Hospital Colorado physician says.

Heads Up Football Works

A campaign to encourage athletes to keep their heads up while playing football helps prevent neck and spinal cord injuries, a CU doctor says.

Newborns Exposed to Marijuana

CU doctors say more newborns have been exposed to marijuana both in the womb and through breastfeeding.

Anschutz's Economic Impact

The Anschutz Medical Campus and downtown Denver campus brought $3.3 billion to the local economy in one year.

Q-A with Dean Krugman

Richard Krugman, MD, reminisces about the bumpy road to the deanship and his accomplishments during his 24 years leading the School of Medicine.

He Galloped Through Life

Friends and family of E. Chester (Chip) Ridgway, MD, MACP, gathered Friday to pay tribute to a man whose work is recognized around the world.

Remembering Chip Ridgway, MD

Friends and colleagues remember Chip Ridgway, MD, as an unselfish leader and mentor.

Ebola Is Not Your Worry

Worried about infectious diseases? Choose the flu or whooping cough. "The likelihood of you getting Ebola is next to zero," says CU's Michelle Barron, MD.

Mom Gives Back to ICU

A woman whose son spent weeks in Children's Hospital Colorado intensive care has donated gift bags for other parents with sick infants.

Cutting Hospital Waste

Hospitals are major waste producers, but University of Colorado Hospital has cut way back with recycling programs.

Telemedicine Saves Lives

Telemedicine is helping stroke victims in remote parts of Colorado.

Red Cross Building to Be Razed

The nearly century old Red Cross Building on the Anschutz Medical Campus will be replaced with a gazebo marking the historic site.

Cutting Corners to Help Underserved

A Missouri plan to use newly graduated medical doctors with no postgraduate training in underserved communities will not help the doctor shortage, a CU physician writes.