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Telemedicine for Downs Syndrome Patients

Children with Down syndrome can see their doctors more frequently thanks to a video linkup with Children's Hospital Colorado.

Teen Marijuana Abuse

The number of teens using pot has held steady in Colorado, but the number who seek treatment for addiction is increasing, a CU physician says.

Stock Drug Overdose Meds

A CU physician applauds the Denver Public Library for stocking a medicine to prevent recurring drug overdoses at the central branch.

Liver Transplant Pioneer Dies

Thomas Starzl, MD, who performed the world's first liver transplant while practicing at CU, has died at age 90.

Parenthood Can Be Exhausting

Raising kids can be exhausting, but there can be other reasons why you're feeling fatigued every day.

Tech Prevents Opioid Addictions

A new monitoring program is helping emergency physicians track opioid prescriptions to help keep patients safe.

Diabetes Conference for Patients, Doctors

CU's Barbara Davis Center, one of the nation's top diabetes treatment and research centers, will host a conference to help doctors and patients benefit from cutting edge treatments.

Informed Consent Lessons

​CU medical students receive lessons in informed consent to make sure patients are fully aware ​of treatments' risks and benefits.

Battle Against Dry Winter Skin, Eyes

Losing the battle against dry winter skin and eyes? Here are some tips to keep yourself lubricated and comfortable.

Marijuana Stunts Fetal Brain Development

Many pregnant women use marijuana, but doctors warn that the drug can impact the child's intelligence and self-control.

Overwhelmed by Opioids

Doctors in rural Colorado are dealing with an explosion of opioid addictions and have limited resources to help their patients.

Glycogen Measurement for Athletes

Technology developed by CU measures glycogen to help athletes configure individual food and exercise plans.

Late Start to Flu Season

The flu season is getting a late start, but this year's strain could be more serious than some others.

Mysterious Marijuana Malady

Patients with a history of heavy, long-term marijuana use are appearing in Colorado emergency rooms complaining of intense pain and vomiting.

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

Heartbreak can be fatal, a CU cardiologist says. “People are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke in the month after the death of a loved one.”