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Marijuana Ingredient in Skin Care

The marijuana ingredient cannabioid cannabidiol is gaining popularity in beauty products because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammaatory benefits.

First Marijuana Death

The death of an infant appears to be the first ever to be attributed to marijuana exposure, Colorado doctors say.

Failing Heart Failure Patients

Cardiologists need to better counsel their patients about palliative care and end-of-life options, doctors say.

'Timed Up-and-Go' Frailty Test

Surgeons are using a movement test to predict how well elderly patients will rebound from surgery.

Tobacco Use Climbs

Thanks to e-cigarettes, tobacco use is climbing in the U.S. even while the rate of cigarette smoking declines, a CU doctor says.

Medicine As a Team Sport

It’s no longer true “that you’re a sole cowboy out there, saving the patient on your own,” says Mark Earnest, head of CU Department of Internal Medicine.

Treat Frostnip Carefully

Frostnip - the precursor to frostbite - should be treated with care, a CU physician says.

How to Telehealth

Creating an urgent care telehealth service out of thin air takes tenacity, money and a willingness to make a lot of tough decisions, a UCHealth physician says.

Why B12 Is Important

A B12 deficiency is dangerous, but too much can be toxic, a CU physician says.

Free Eating Disorder Questionnaire

CU eating disorder researchers have developed a procedure that takes detailed patient questionnaires and generates a fast, standardized score for mental health professionals.

Recognizing Childhood Depression

The largest risk factor for depression is having a family history of depression, says Dr. Joel Stoddard, child psychiatrist in the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

When to Worry about Child Anxiety

“We are seeing more severely anxious adolescents coming through the door all the time,” says Benjamin Mullin, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “There’s no reason to be shy about asking for help.”

Surrogacy Options

A CU OB/GYN explains surrogacy options for people who need help conceiving or carrying a child.

Heart Attacks Killing Triathletes

Athletes who don't warm up properly are in danger of suffering a heart attack, a CU physician says.

The Flu Season Has Begun

Flu cases have already been reported in Colorado, and a CU doctor says she expects an active year.