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Screen Time Causes Night Terrors

Pre-bedtime screen time can cause night terrors for young children, a CU pediatrician says.

Treating Eating Disorders

Most physicians say they lack training to treat patients with eating disorders, a CU physician says.

Looking for Good Dogs

Visiting dogs bring smiles to patients at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Thanksgiving Calories

Have you ever wondered how hard you'd have to work out to burn off calories from Thanksgiving dinner?

Surviving Cancer in Eastern CO

iSurvive, a program to support cancer survivors in rural eastern Colorado, is winning accolades internationally.

Overdose Drug More Available

CU emergency doctors want more people to have access to a drug that can save lives by reversing opioid overdose effects.

Broncos-UCH Team Up for Men's Health

Denver Broncos and University of Colorado Health want male fans to get healthier by eating right and getting medical screenings.

Program to Increase Diversity

Members of the Department of Emergency Medicine have developed a multifaceted effort aimed at increasing diversity among medical residents.

Sneaky Ways Kids Hide Drugs

Students reveal secret places where they hide drugs from parents and teachers.

Robin Williams' Dementia a Common Form

Lewy body dementia, the type suffered by comedian Robin Williams, is the second most common type of dementia, a CU physician says.

Teaching Medicine's Role in Holocaust

A local physician's donation will ensure that medical students will learn about the role physicians played in the Holocaust.

Make Anschutz Your Neighborhood

An Aurora councilwoman wants CU leaders to encourage Anschutz Medical Campus workers and students to live nearby.

Skip the Annual Physican Exam

A CU physician says annual physical exams are unnecessary for healthy adults, and can actually do more damage than good.

Halloween Candy Marijuana Scare

Parents worried about marijuana edibles ending up in a Halloween bag should know that pot candy smells different than other candy, a university health physician says.

Depression and Menopause

Hot flashes are probably linked to depression in menopausal women, a CU physician says.