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Informed Consent Includes Cost Info

Information about treatment cost should be part of the informed consent process between doctors and patients, a CU expert says.

Pandemic Preparation

The health care community is constantly preparing for pandemics because a virulent virus would affect all aspects of our society, a CU infection prevention specialist says.

Kids in Danger of Dry Drowing

Children can inhale water when swimming or bathing, leading to a sometimes-fatal condition called dry drowning that worsens over hours or even days.

Phases of ACL Rehab

Patients often get frustrated with the long recovery period for ACL surgery. But A CU doctor explains the recovery phases and encourages respect for the process.

Lack of Sleep Is Harder on Women

Women who don't get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes.

Video Series - Black Men and Women in White Coats

CU School of Medicine, in partnership with PreMed StAR, has produced three videos that present the perspective of three African-American members of our academic community.

Students Film Guided Campus Tour

See the Anschutz Medical Campus through the eyes of two medical students as they walk you through the classrooms and buildings where you will spend most of your first and second years.

Ticks Dangerous to Animals

Dogs are becoming paralyzed in Colorado because of tick-borne illnesses that are unique to our state, a CU infectious disease specialist says.

Doctors Advising Plant Based Diets

Many doctors and medical groups have begun advising patients to improve their health by avoiding meat-based diets.

Residents to Train in Fort Morgan

CU Department of Family Medicine second- and third-year residents will begin training in Fort Morgan next year.

Five Hard to Detect Cancers

Tips on the symptoms of five cancers that can be hard to detect: lung, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma and liver.

Teens Fight Mental Illness Stigma

Children's Hospital Colorado has created the Mental Health Youth Action Board to help young people with mental health struggles.

Summer Is Dehydration Season

Watch children carefully this summer for signs of dehydration, especially those involved in sports, Children's Hospital Colorado says.

Student-Guided Campus Tour

See the Anschutz Medical Campus through the eyes of two medical students as they walk through the classrooms and buildings where students spend most of their first and second years.

Aspen Ideas Festival

Here at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, ideas flow freely between curious minds, skilled practitioners, collaborative data geeks and groundbreaking researchers.