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Outsmarting Holiday Weight Gain

Gaining weight over the holidays isn't the problem. It's the fact that we never lose those pounds. Dr. Holly Wyatt says it doesn't have to be that way.

Colorado's Fitness Level Debate

Colorado is still the thinnest state, but not the fittest. CU's James Hill, PhD, lists what we're doing right and wrong.

Clinics Add Mental Health Services

Mental health therapy will be offered in Colorado primary care clinics thanks to a $65 million federal grant.

Easy Colon Cancer Test

An at-home colon cancer test may improve cancer detection and save lives, says a CU physician.

Hurry Up and Work Out

High-intensity inteval training has made exercise possible for busy people.

CU School of Medicine

Students and faculty talk about what makes the CU School of Medicine one of the top programs in the country.

Legacy of Dean Richard Krugman

Dean Richard Krugman, MD, and his colleagues reflect on his near quarter century at the helm of the School of Medicine.

Depression Haunts Middle-Age Women

Genes and stress cause depression in 1 in 8 middle-age women.

Define 'A Good Death'

"Caring for each other at the end of life is not unlike caring for each other throughout life: we experience pain, loneliness, we make difficult decisions ..." writes CU's Carey Candrian.

Light Rail Coming to Anschutz

The Aurora light rail line that runs alongside the Anschutz Medical Campus will open in two years.

Keep It or Toss It

They may pass the sniff test, but are they still good to eat? A CU nutritionist weighs in how long to hang on to 10 common foods found in most refrigerators.

Lung Cancer Screens Save Lives

A CU physician says a proposal to provide annual low-dose CT scans Medicare patients likely to develop lung cancer will save lives.

Drug Blocks Overdoses

CU's CeDAR drug treatment program is distributing an inexpensive drug that stops overdoses from becoming fatal.

Remembering Childhood

Parents get 940 Saturdays with their child between birth and adulthood. CU Pediatrician Harley Rotbart, MD, has found a way to help track them.

Eczema Treatment Side Effects

Patients suffering from eczema can develop a painful topical steroid addiction, but a CU physician says it's a rare side effect and that medicines do far more good than harm.