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How to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis in the knee is a common complaint, but it can be prevented and symptoms can often be managed.

The Unpredictability of Shingles

Shingles, which can lie dormant for decades, can affect the body in surprising places including the intestines and arteries, and can cause strokes and possibly dementia.

Colorado's First Black Female Doctor

Colorado initially refused to give Justina Ford a medical license, but in time she cared for thousands of Coloradans and delivered more than 7,000 babies.

Ban Vaping Indoors

Twice as many teens use e-cigarettes in Colorado as in any other state. Children's Hospital Colorado wants the state to ban indoor vaping public spaces.

CU Awarded Grant for Open Educational Resources

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in partnership with other campuses in the CU System has received a $60,000 award under the state’s Open Education Resources (OER) initiative.

Simple Ways to Test Your Health

If you can't climb four flights of stairs in under a minute, you need to improve your fitness. A CU doctor recommends 30 minutes of "breathlessness" a day.

Cancer Rates Drop Drastically

A CU lung cancer specialist says cancer rates dropped significantly in the last quarter century because of lifestyle changes, research and better treatment.

Too Much Toothpaste

Parents often put too much toothpaste on their children's brushes and that can lead to tooth damage, a CU researcher says.

Bike Faster by Moving Slower

"We know, the concept of slowing down to get faster sounds paradoxical, but it’s true," says a CU exercise researcher.

Be Informed about Plastic Surgery

Educate yourself about the effectiveness of different types of plastic surgery before embarking on a procedure, a CU surgeon says.

Doctor's Advocacy Changes Medicaid Rule

Outpatient dialysis for undocumented immigrants will be covered by Colorado's Medicaid program thanks to the work of CU physician Lily Cervantes.

Progress in Opioid Epidemic

Opioid prescriptions are declining in Colorado. Many doctors have begun recommending over-the-counter drugs, which can be more effective, a CU physician says.

Award to Support Palliative Care Research

Carey Candrian, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, has been selected by the Cambia Health Foundation to participate in the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program.

Gout Prevention and Treatment

New drugs and good prevention can help gout sufferers, a CU doctor says.

PhRMA Foundation Award

The University of Colorado Center for Pharmaceutical Value (PValue) has been established with a Value Assessment Center of Excellence Award from the PhRMA Foundation.