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Pre-Health Majors Boom

Hundreds of CU Denver students are joining the pre-health ranks in hopes of becoming doctors or nurses.

Snow Shoveling Tips

Think you know how to shovel snow? Check these tips to avoid hurting yourself.

Driving Richard Home

A widow tells of the journey to bring home the ashes of her husband, who had donated his body to CU School of Medicine students.

Rise in Mutilation Cases

A CU gynecologist says female genital mutilation cases are becoming more common in Denver.

Genetic Screening Helps Couple

Genetic screening helped one Colorado couple have healthy children, but some argue it creates designer babies.

Doctors Debate Right to Die Law

Two CU physicians debate the ethics of a proposed Colorado "Right to Die" law.

The February Fall-Off

New year's resolutions often start to wane by February, but CU's Holly Wyatt, MD, says the right mindset can reverse the slide.

Post Super Bowl Regrets

Addiction centers see an upswing in calls for help following the Super Bowl each year because of the event's heavy drinking traditions.

Alcohol Can Kill Diets

Alcohol calories add up quicker than you might think, a CU dietitian says.

The IUD Returns

IUDs are making a comeback among young women looking for a reliable, safe, long-term birth control option.

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Scientists are on the lookout for the next pandemic.

Krugman Conference Hall Dedicated

School and campus leaders, faculty and staff gathered Tuesday to dedicate the newly renamed Richard D. Krugman Conference Center on campus.

Diet Myth-Busters

Does eating breakfast help you lose weight? Having sex? Eating chocolate? A CU nutritionist debunks some popular myths.

Painkiller Abuse Down in CO

Fewer Coloradans are abusing painkillers, but young adults are still the worst offenders.

Employing Our Campus Neighbors

A training grant will help people living in the shadow of Anschutz Medical Campus share in its economic boom.