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Warning Students About Indoor Tanning

A CU physician is trying to get colleges to adopt anti-tanning policies and educate students about the health risks of indoor tanning.

Vertigo Video Goes Viral

A video showing a CU doctor's simple cure for vertigo has gotten nearly 2 million Web hits.

Working Out While High

Some people say a little pot before the gym makes for a better workout. A CU physician says it probably only seems that way.

Bionic Eye Implant

A bionic eye implant at UCHealth Eye Center has restored vision to a Kansas man who had been blind for more than 50 years.

Find The Right Chiropractor

Chiropractors can help ease pain, but patients should know the right questions to ask to find the right one, a CU doctor says.

Pedestrian Bridge To New VA

Veterans advocates propose a pedestrian bridge linking the new light rail stop with the soon-to-be-open VA medical campus at Anschutz Medical Campus.

Six Decades of Medicine

A CU School of Medicine alumnus born in 1921 reflects upon nearly 60 years of patient care.

UCH Adds Renowned Sports Clinic

University of Colorado Health has acquired the Steadman Hawkins Clinic-Denver, which includes the official team doctors for the Broncos and Rockies.

Physician Protests Drug Price

The price of another life-saving drug has jumped astronomically, and a CU physician is protesting to Congress.

Grant for UV Cameras

CU schools of medicine and public health will use a $75,000 grant to buy UV cameras to help students and workers on Colorado universities identify sun damage.

Family Friendly Political Arguments

You can argue politics in front of the kids without scaring them, a Children's Hospital Colorado psychologist says.

Kratom Ban Questioned

A CU physician questions the DEA ban on kratom, a natural substance used to combat chronic pain.

Health Policy Center

A health policy center that aims to improve integration in healthcare has been established at University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Warnings Against Bioidentical Hormones

Doctors warn menopausal women against bioidentical hormones because they are untested and not FDA approved.

How Useful is a Prostate Exam

A CU physician says a baseline prostate test is important for all men over 40, but it will be even more relevant in the future when the test can differentiate slow-moving and rapid-growth tumors.